Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition – Sextus Pompey Starting Tips

Tips to Play Pompey’s Campaign

  • Play very slow.
  • Get 3-4 Trading Ports and the food required to maintain it.
  • Get rid of the Vigiles and Velites.
  • Play very defensive for a lot of turns.
  • Don’t engage in war until Mark Antony and Octavian are at war.
  • Once they are and you can maintain at least one full army of Legionaries, “join the war” against Lepidus with anyone that is at war with them (for me Lepidus joined Octavian so I just Join the war’d with one of Mark Antony’s city states against Lepidus).
  • This avoids you having to fight Numidia (I had a trade agreement with Numidia the whole time).
  • Numidia may eventually still attack you, but at least you can delay it while you take Africa and strengthen your foothold and economy there.
  • Ideally you want to be able to financially maintain two full armies of legionaries while or before you take Africa (which was doable for me with the Trading Ports).
  • Also, a full stack of men from Numidia shouldn’t be that scary as they tend to just send Levy Spearmen units, which your legionaries should demolish.
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