Afghanistan ’11 – Ultimate MOAB Explanatory Guide

MOABs are useful weapons in this game… if you know how to use them. I created this guide because the tutorial missions seemed unclear about how to use a MOAB.

Definitive Guide to MOAB

All credit goes to Cheesey Broccoli!

Finding Tunnels

MOABs are used to destroy tunnels, so the first step to using a MOAB is to find a tunnel. Use Intel from villages to get an idea of where Militia and Opium fields are located. Then, use Special Forces, UAVs, or other units to survey the area. You will know that you have found a likely spot when new Militia cadres spawn in the area you are watching.

Click on the eye next to Intelligence to review tiles that Militia have traveled over.

Notice how some of the red paths on the map intersect forming an arrow such as the two to the right of the Headquarters

Dealing with Tunnels

Once you have found a likely spot for a tunnel you can:

  1. Use units like Apaches to destroy enemies.


  1. Use a MOAB.

Your units can be quickly deployed to deal with Militia from tunnels close to your bases, but a MOAB is ideal for permanently dealing with tunnels that are harder to reach. Select the MOAB option from the Command tab to choose a target. The orange area around the cursor shows the area affected (bottom left of screenshot).

The Bomb

As you watch the kaboom, also notice that nearby villages lose Hearts & Minds points such as the two shown on the right side of the screen shot. The villagers dislike loud noises which is another reason why the MOAB should be used in remote places.

Note that enemy units are currently unaffected by MOABs. Hopefully, this will get fixed in a future game update, because this really annoys me and it should bother you, too.

Did It Work?

If you chose the right spot, you will not see any more enemies spawning in the area that you bombed.

At the end of the game, you can see places on the map where Militia tunnels are/were (marked ML), validating [some of] your life decisions. Again, notice the red tiles that Militia traveled along.

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