After The Fall – Guide to Social Features

Now that you’re all set up and ready to fight some snowbreed, you’re gonna need a squad. Here’s how it works in After the Fall.

Social Features Guide

Friend Codes

On each platform, each player has their own 9-digit friend code that is generated for each player.

For players that play on multiple platforms; Devs are currently working on a universal social system where you will be able to link your own friend codes from multiple platforms under one account. Devs estimate this will arrive in a patch sometime in 2022.

Progress is tied to a friend code, so we advise you to stick with one platform until we have this universal system in place so you can bring your best guns elsewhere if you want to (Not relevant to PlayTest; progress will be wiped for that.)

Players in the Line

In the Line, there are up to 32 players present at a time, ranging from Oculus Quest & Rift, PlayStation and Steam platforms. These are all from the same region server as yours.

(Currently game servers are based in North America, Europe and Asia. The game automatically detects your location for the closest server. Manually changing servers requires a restart of the game afterwards.)

You can directly matchmake with other players who are already visible on your in-game friend list, provided they’re on the same region server.

If you have friends on a different server, you must communicate with them on which server you want to play on in order to matchmake with them. They will, however, still show up on your in-game friend list so you know they are online to plan a co-op session with them.

If you are already in a party with free squad slots, you will be matched with other players from the same region server, or you can skip this altogether and continue on with AI companions.

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