Age of Wonders 4 – Pantheon Guide


Once a Godir has achieved victory in a Realm, it will have the option to ascend to the Pantheon. Once ascended, the Godir may be set to appear in other realms either as a recruitable Hero or as another Ruler.

Godir can be removed from the Pantheon at any time. A Pantheon’s name may be changed at any time from the Pantheon Leaders tab.

The pantheon rewards

Each game played will grant the following amount of experience to the Pantheon:

  • 500 per victory
  • 250 per defeat (surrender does not count)
  • 100 per empire defeated
  • 25 per Ancient Wonder cleared
  • 25 per Infestation destroyed
  • 25 per Tome unlocked
  • 10 per Hero level gained
  • 10 per Hero defeated
  • 10 per Free City allegiance improved
  • 10 per Free City vassalized
  • Additional experience will be given for the difficulty of the realm, unless cheats have been used

Once enough experience has been obtained the Pantheon will level up, granting a point to spend on the following rewards:

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