OTXO – Useful Tips and Tricks

This guide will show you tips and tricks to help you beat and get better at the game.

Tips and Tricks

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Be Ready

The levels are always in this pattern, it’s useful to know when there will be a boss.Then you will be able to take a suitable weapon even if there is no ammunition in it.

  • Bar
  • Room Clear
  • Room Clear
  • Room Clear
  • Bar
  • Room Clear
  • Room Clear
  • Boss Fight
  • NEXT Level Bar

There may also be random rooms with plot inserts and a gachapon, but they do not affect the order of the levels

Free Money

When you get to the lighthouse for the first time (random event) you will discover fishing. You need to approach the fisherman at the boat after death, he will give you a fishing rod. This is free money from the start early, to catch a fish, just click the interaction button near the water and then again when you see a big splash.

Arrows On Enemies

You can increase the number of marked enemies in the settings (in the accessibility section).

Reroll Drinks For Free

Instead of spending money on rerolling drinks, you can click save and exit in the bar, and after loading back into the game, you will be offered other drinks. You can repeat this forever until you get your desired drink.

Good Abilities For Clearing Rooms

The best perks for clearing rooms are explosive barrels and Roxy. Barrels will often allow you to clear a room in one shot. Roxy will destroy enemies herself, the main thing is to open the door for her and not trigger enemy shots. She will do everything herself. In the current state of the game, enemies won’t pay attention to her. In fact, Roxy could pass the game herself if she knew how to open doors.

Bad Abilities

The worst ability in the game is opening doors and windows with a single bullet.This triggers a lot of unnecessary enemies that you can’t control.

Shotguns Blast Doors Open

Shotguns will blast doors open in one shot.

Ability Count

In OTXO there is 80 base abilities and 20 unlockable abilities for a total of 100 abilities.

Throwing Guns Kills Enemies

If you throw a gun and it hits an enemy it will kill them. You will need to be close as guns can’t be thrown very far.

First Area Is Always The Same

The first area of the mansion will always be The Infinite Foyer

Effective Use Of Focus

Learn how many shots you need with a weapon to kill the enemy. Before entering the room, enter so that the enemies are on the same line. Shoot as much as necessary and a few more random shots and immediately turn off the focus. Repeat this with each room.

  • Turn off focus while reloading weapons.
  • You can also watch for enemies around the corner.
  • Aim so that you can immediately kill the enemy.
  • Make some noise.

At the moment when the enemy has almost turned the corner, turn on the focus and wait for the moment to shoot

Blind Longshot

When you have studied the locations enough, you will be able to shoot at enemies without seeing them. The range of the bullet is endless just shoot the arrow that points to the enemy.

Grenade Immediate Explosion

If a grenade hits an enemy it will immediately explode on impact.

What Is A Splatter

A splatter is when an enemies head explodes, it’s random chance. It’s like a critical hit.

Door Kills

Kicking down a door while an enemy is behind it will instantly kill them.

Misplaced Chambers

Those random rooms you encounter are called Misplaced Chambers. Every Misplaced Chamber contains a gacha machine. You can use 250 coins at the gacha machine, and you will either get a new gun or a collectible.

Save And Quit Abuse

If you feel like you are in danger and you’re going to die, you can save and quit. Once you load back into the game, you will be at the start of whatever level you were on. This also works for bosses.

Too Many Open Doors Gets You Swarmed

Make sure you don’t open too many doors at once because this will allow a lot of enemies to come to you at the same time, and you will be swarmed with enemies.

Technomancer Drone Shoots Through Doors

If you have the Technomancer ability, which gives you a flying support drone, the drone can shoot through doors and kill enemies without the doors being open.

Grenades Can’t Be Thrown Through Windows

You can’t throw grenades through windows (unless the window is broken, of course).

Gun Customize In Run

You can also customize the weapons in the passage with the help of a nun. For example, you can leave only pistols (it’s easier to dodge them) and a couple of weapons (high damage) to kill bosses

Fun Facts

  • The developer of OTXO is named Nate.
  • The game is pronounced “oh-cho”.
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  1. I would argue the drink that lets you one shot doors almost on par with the exploding barrels drink. Granted the barrels do kill enemies but also blow open doors.

  2. I would argue the drink that lets you one shot doors almost on par with the exploding barrels drink. Granted the barrels do kill enemies but also blow open doors.

  3. Am I not doing the fishing right? Everytime I see a big splash in the water, I press the interaction button, but I get back nothing. Is there something else to it?

  4. They are different, for example, a basketball hall or a movie rental, look closely in the corner there are gachapons, for 250 coins you can spin them once

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