Amelie – All Endings Guide

Short guide to all endings.

100% Ending Guide


Not a difficult game to get your head around wrt what gets a different ending tbh, but since the only guide up is a video, I figured I may as well post it in writing so its more digestible.

All of the endings are dictated by a big choice towards the end of the route. It’s distinct from the more minor choices in that it will seem a lot more weighty; if the choice mentions fate; that’s an ending. Little choices like which type of tea amelie makes are referenced in the other routes, but don’t have an effect on your ending.

Also: There are a few points throughout the game where a sepia overlay will appear, along with cursive text in the middle of the screen (prompts). Whether or not you click them affects which endings you can get.

Side: Amelie

No big choice for amelie’s route since theres only the one ending.

Side: Sophia

Ignore prompts:

  • Accept your fate (1/2)

Click all three prompts:

  • Accept your fate (1/2)
  • Defy your fate (2/2)

Side: Lillika

Ignore the prompts:

  • Allow her fate (1/3)
  • Deny her fate (2/3)

Click one of the prompts:

  • Deny her fate (2/3)

Click both prompts

  • Destroy her fate (3/3)

True Ending

Once you’ve got all your last ending, you’ll be asked if you want to try again. Click “yes.” Pretty straightforward.

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