Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM – 100% Achievement Walkthrough Guide

Complete Achievement Walkthrough

Playthrough 1

  • New game. Opening scene.
  • Talk to the kid in orange. He’s Lun.
  • Go through the alley in the upper right (beside the water tanks). Talk to Uncle Yao here. Do the paper folding minigame.
  • Talk to Uncle Yao four more times.


  • I just wanted to apologize…
  • Stand at the offerings on the table at the back for a moment.

A moment of silence

  • Respect for the “departed”.
  • Leave the area. On the way out will be a scene with the kid by the “Give me candy” sign.


  • Talking to strange kids who have a sweet-tooth isn’t good for your health.

Talk to Aunty Fung who’s sitting on the bench in the courtyard.

Like you’ve seen a ghost

  • Having a supernatural experience can be stressful sometimes…wanna talk about it?
  • Enter the upper left area. Talk to the lady in purple and agree to help her. Finish the minigame.

Nasi Lemak is Love

  • Help pack nasi lemak, while secretly wanting the recipe.
  • Enter the stairwell. Head up to the highest floor.

Fear of heights

  • I wonder what’s past all that junk…
  • Exit to units 201-204. Talk to the kids playing cards.


  • Why la? … I just want to play card games!
  • Return to Lun and talk to him. Ask him about the card game and to see the card. Play and win rock paper scissors. You can replay if you lose.

Lucky Guess or Mad Skills?

  • That’s what card games are about too.

Return to units 201-204 and talk to the kids playing cards again.

  • Grab 3 pebbles on the ground in the courtyard. There’s one behind the swings, another at the base of the electric pole, and one in the upper right corner by the water tank.
  • Talk to Lun. Refuse to give him the pebbles.

Tak nak!

  • Throwing pebbles is vandalism, I’m no criminal!
  • Talk to Lun again and agree to play his game. How you perform in the game shouldn’t matter.

Knock knock

  • I am doing the right thing, right?
  • If you did everything above…

Too much free time(?)

  • I just want to know more about the neighbourhood.
  • Go to units 101-104. Examine the first apartment. Talk to the strange man who appears.

Stranger Danger!

  • Never listen to a stranger’s advice.
  • Enter the apartment next to the one you examined earlier and pick up the Water Bottle inside.
  • Exit the apartment and examine the open door. Get chased back downstairs. Press the arrows when they appear on screen.

What. Just. HAPPENED??

  • I just wanted to make a new friend … Not … THIS!!!
  • Back in the courtyard, talk to kid in blue at the back. This is Ming. Tell him something weird happened.
  • Talk to Aunty Fung. Tell her it’s not the kids causing trouble. Say yes at the next choice to say you saw Uncle Fung.
  • Talk to Lun. Make him listen.


  • Lun, I need you to FOCUS!

Am I crazy?

  • Getting our story straight.
  • You will now control Lun.
  • Return to units 101-104 and talk to the strange man. Learn how to lockpick.

I need to get in

  • Sure, breaking and entering isn’t good, but technically lock-picking isn’t breaking anything…
  • Lockpick the first apartment. Examine everything inside. Boo.
  • Back outside, grab the Water Bottle.
  • Return to the courtyard, talk to Aunty Fung.
  • You will now control Ming.
  • Go to units 301-304, enter your apartment.


  • What you find out can’t hurt you … but it can scare you pretty bad…

Playthrough 2

  • Head upstairs and grab the water bottle as before. Examine the open door. Get chased but this time don’t press anything.

Weird Daydream…

  • Wait….did you see that too??
  • Talk to Lun. Get control.
  • Talk to the strange man. Refuse to learn lockpicking.

I don’t need to get in THAT bad

  • Lock-Picking sounds cool… however … thanks-but-no-thanks
  • Ting will talk to you. Don’t play hide and seek with her. Ignore the apartment and try to leave the area three times.

Didn’t I just …?

  • I feel like the universe is telling me something… about FREE TOYS?

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