American Theft 80s – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

Here you can find how to open commans console and full list of cheat codes.

Console Commands Guide

How to Start

  • Open a command box with the tilde (~) key.
  • Then quickly type nm and enter.
  • Then enter one of the console commands from list below.

Console Commands List

  • flycameraon: Activate the flying camera.
  • fon: Activate the flying camera.
  • motherlode: Add 100000 Cash.
  • clearach: Clear All Achievements.
  • dupa: Disable Steams Controller and Clear Achievements.
  • resetcars: Fix all Player Vehicles.
  • sneakyboy: Equip the Player with stealth items.
  • clearhints: Clear all hints.
  • flycameraoff: Deactivate the flying camera.
  • foff: Deactivate the flying camera.
  • next: Set the current quest as ‘Done’.
  • stars1: Call the police on the Player position.
  • segs: Open the Game Ending summary.
  • stars0: Call Off Police.
  • backpack: Equip Backpack.
  • ghost: Invisible
  • thieftools: Give Player All Thieft Tools.
  • stopheist: Stop Current Heist.
  • electro: Add Electrician Disguise.
  • solazy: Set Quest as ‘Done’.
  • notlazy: Set Quest as ‘NotTaken’.
  • gravity: Allow Gravity.
  • trailer: Hide HUD, LOD Bias to 3 and Shadow Distance to 200.
  • guioff: Hide HUD.
  • addheat: Add 10% to heat.
  • addheatfull: Add full heat.
  • guion: Unhide HUD.
  • goultra: Set LOD Bias to 3 and Shadow Distance to 200.
  • time1770: Set game time to 1770.
  • raintime: Set game time to 4000.
  • freeexp: Add 100 Experience.
  • freecash: Add 1000 Cash.
  • time0: Set game time to 0.
  • heisttime: Set timeline to 22.
  • noontime: Set timeline to 13.
  • morningtime: Set timeline to 9.
  • eveningtime: Set timeline to 17.
  • nighttime: Set timeline to 23.


  • suitup
  • human

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