Amnesia: The Dark Descent – How to Save All Prisoners (Amnesia: Justine DLC)

This guide will provide to the point instructions on how to save all three prisoners from the Amnesia: Justine DLC for Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Saving Prisoners Guide

Things to Know

Before You Get Started

Amnesia: Justine is a short DLC for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Because of this, there will be no save points through your entire playthrough. If you mess up, either by dying or making the incorrect choice for the route you wanted. You will need to start over from the beginning of the DLC.

Justine, unlike Daniel, is not scared of the dark. This means you are free to hide in the dark from enemies without losing sanity. Though you are given a lantern near the beginning of the DLC, it is useless as the DLC has no lamp oil.

This DLC should take you about 30 minutes to complete, given you follow the guide.

The Cells

Starting Cell

Upon first gaining control of your character after the initial cutscene when starting the DLC, you will be trapped in a small prison cell with a phonograph. To escape the cell, you must twist the phonograph’s crank several times until it begins playing. Once it begins playing, a lantern will lower from a rope attached to the ceiling. Pick up this lantern and the cell door will quickly unlatch, and you can exit when you are ready.

Keep in mind that the lantern is a useless item, and you will never receive oil for it.

Stone Passageway

After exiting your cell, you will be met with a small set of stone passageways, most of which are blocked off. Continue past the first right pathway as it is blocked. Take the next passageway to your left and you will find a broken ladder. Be sure to pick this up as you will need it later. Go back to from where you came and continue in the other direction until you reach a large open area with various prison cells.

When exploring the passageways, you may hear the sound of an enemy. This is purely cinematic, and you will be in no danger. You can see the enemy passing through an inaccessible area by gazing through a small window blocked by prison bars.

Dr. Fournier

Here you will encounter your first hostage, Dr Fournier. He can be found locked inside of the jail cell strapped to a table. Do not flip the lever next to his cell down, this will not open the door but rather cause a spear fixed to the ceiling to stab him in the chest. Doing this will open up a trap door in the ceiling to move on to the next area, but it is possible to progress without killing him.

Please note, it is possible to trigger an enemy encounter in this area. If an enemy appears, hide inside one of the cells until it despawns. This is the only enemy in Amnesia: Justine which will despawn naturally.

For this next step, you will need to build using some of the props in the room. There are several ways to do this, but I will explain my preferred method. Beneath the trap door, you will see a collapsed door on the floor. Place two barrels next to each other on the door, and then place a small crate in front of the first barrel.

Take another crate and place it on the top of the second barrel. You can use these props as a makeshift staircase to get closer to the trapdoor. From here, you must jump and grab on the trapdoor and pull it open like a door. Once the trapdoor is open, you can open your inventory and use the ladder from earlier on the door, which places the ladder on the side. Which you can now climb up to access the next area.


Once you access the tunnel above, you will need to crawl through it to access the next area. In order to not get lost, always turn left and you will eventually reach a small staircase to exit.

The Library


Once you exit the tunnels in the ceiling, you will have access to a small area before entering the library itself. This area has a phonograph you can use, and some notes for lore. But you may ignore this if you wish and continue down the stairwell to a red door. Entering this red door will take you to the next area, but keep in mind you will not be able to backtrack to the previous area.

Father David

In the library, you will find your next hostage, Father David. He will be in the room furthest down on the right side behind a wall with a lever and two slots. Do not flip this switch yet, as doing so will kill Father David.

In the library you will find various slides which can be used in the projector in the room down the hallway. But for this tutorial, I will give the solution. You will need Slide 3 and Slide 4.

Slide 3 can be found on the second room to the left, on a bookshelf.

Slide 4 can be found in the same room you first find Father David.

Once the slides are collected, go back to the room where Father David can be heard. You will need to place the slides in the slots in the wall in a specific order. Insert the 4th slide into the top slot, and then insert the 3rd slide into the bottom slot. Once they are both inserted properly, flip the switch next to the slots and Father David will be freed.

A secret doorway will open up in the furthest room to the left of the main hall, behind a bookshelf. This will lead to the next area.

The Cellar

The Cellar

The Cellar is the area after the library, but before the dungeon. Though this area has no hostages, you will need to avoid a suitor to get to the next area. This suitor is blind, so as long as you don’t make too much noise you will be able to get through fine.

Continue further in the cellar until you find the room that the suitor is in. There are two methods to get past him.


Wait in place until the suitor wanders far enough away from you, then slowly crawl to the far side of the room into the hallway. You should see some chairs and other props in the way, be sure to jump over the props otherwise the noise of them being hit will alert the suitor to your location. Travel through the hallway and then head left, you will find an entrance to the dungeon here.


If you’re feeling daring, it is more than possible to just run through this area. In order to do this, run past the suitor to the left while jumping (to avoid being hit with a swing) and continue down the hallway to the far side of the room. Jump over the chairs in the hallway as you will get caught if you stop moving. Once you click on the door to travel to the next area, you should be safe.

The Dungeon

The Dungeon Entrance

The Dungeon is the last and most difficult part of Amnesia: Justine. You will need to be quick with your movements in order to escape and save the final hostage. Do not be discouraged if you struggle with this section, as it is very difficult at first.

Continue into the dungeon and you will be knee-deep in water. The dungeon is separated into three areas, the first room, the second room and the final room.

Once you reach the entrance area, you will see two passages to the left and right of the room and a single metal door in the center. Head to the right and you will come to a small storage area, in here you will find a lever you can pick up. Head back to the open area and insert the lever into the slot next to the metal door.

Once you do this, the final suitor will spawn in the left passage and begin walking towards you.

Pull the lever up to open the door, and crouch and go through as the door is opening to save time. Once on the other side, turn around and you will see a lever on the other side of the door. You need to flip this down immediately, so the suitor is unable to get to you. You will hear them banging on the door if you managed to lock them out.

The Second Room

The second room is nearly identical to the first room but is more difficult. Walk through the passage on the right and you will eventually come to a damaged storage room. You need to grab the cog(gear) off the table and take it with you to the main room. Once you’re back to the main room, bring it to through the passage on the left until you come to a flooded room full of cogs. Push the cog onto where the missing cog should go, and it will automatically attach to the wall.

Once you do this, the suitor will be able to break down the metal door you shut earlier. So quickly run back to the main room and pull the lever up on the second metal door to access it. Wait for the door to have enough room to crawl under, then crawl on the other side and turn around. Push the lever down on the other side to trap the suitor back in the second room.

The Final Room

Unlike the second room, the suitor will begin trying to break down the metal door instantly here. So, you will need to act fast.

Once the door is closed behind you, immediately make your way to the right and you will see a man chained up. This is the final hostage, to the right of the entrance to his cell you will use a crank. Turn the crank to shut the door to his cell. This is to stop the suitor from breaking in and killing the hostage.

Once that door is shut, you will be very low on time, so it is best to act quickly. Go to the far end of the room and you will see a shut metal door with a crank next to it. You will need to slowly crank this door open so you can progress. If you took the time to save the hostage from before, the suitor will break through the metal door as you do this and begin chasing you. Once the door is halfway open, you can crawl underneath and continue down the hallway. You will be pursued by the suitor until you make it to the next area, so keep running and avoid obstacles.



Once you exit the dungeon, you will come to a bunch of empty graves. Ignore these and keep heading forward until you can access the next room. Here, you will get to the final phonograph. Once the audio stops playing, the walls on the side of the room will start moving to the center of the room to crush you.

Do not be alarmed – this is a cutscene and they will stop right before you are killed. But be sure to not touch the cogs on the wall because you will get damaged and possibly die if you are not careful. Which would ruin your session.

If you successfully managed to save all three hostages, you will hear them talking to you from behind the door you came from. But Justine will latch it shut. Then you exit the room via the door on the far-right side of the room. You will then shut this door behind you and walk up a set of stairs where the game will end.

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