Rough Justice: ’84 – Agents Guide

This guide describes the various mechanics revolving around agents.

Guide to Agents


Freelance operatives, known as “Agents”, can be hired to help to complete cases. Every case has different requirements and finding the right agent for the case is essential. Agents are the bread and butter of the agency, each having their own unique bio, stats, and potential traits.

Listed below are some agent-specific terms and mechanics.

Hiring Pool

Agents are busy people, and your agency isn’t the only one in town. As freelancers they have the opportunity to work when and where they want, therefore the agent pool is dynamic. When hiring new agents, the presently available agents are shown. This pool is refreshed on a regular basis.


Agents are freelance operatives and are only employed on a temporary basis. They are available in the agency from the potential hiring pool, which refreshes on a regular basis.

End Shift

Agents can be sent home by selecting the corresponding icon on the agent roster panel. A pop-up confirmation will appear. These agents will still remain in the potential hiring pool.


There are a number of agent tiers, each tier increase provides more advanced agents.


Agents must be paid in advance before hiring them. Their wages are calculated based on their total stat value as well as their action points. Wages are on a sliding scale, the higher the level, the more they will cost. This is important to calculate when leveling up agents.


Each agent has 5 stats: Strength, Intelligence, Perception, Empathy & Reflexes. Agents have a specific value for each stat which indicates the number of available dice when using said stat. More info on stats can be found here.


Gear can be purchased at shops by agents. These items increase the chances of success when performing challenges. They can only be used before a stat roll. More info on gear can be found here.

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