An Outcry – All Endings Guide

A brief guide on how to get each ending in An Outcry, written with only as much description as necessary.

How to Get All Endings


Here is a short guide on how to obtain each ending for An Outcry. This game has 5 endings across its two routes; each ending branches off from one point at the end of the route, so it’s generally not necessary to search through a whole route for any specific ending.

“Follow” Route

  1. Ending S: Refuse a bad offer, run away deeper into the building.
  2. Ending A: Accept a bad offer.
  3. Ending UM: Refuse a bad offer, fight your way out of the building. This requires a skill found while helping your friends escape in the prior scene.

“Ignore” Route

  1. Ending E: Leave the home.
  2. Ending R: Wait.
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