Heaven Dust 2 – Door Codes & Puzzle Solutions

Just a few of the codes I wrote down during my play through of Heavens Dust 2! Enjoy the game, I hope for more from this dev.

Guide to Some Door Codes and Puzzle Solutions

Codes and Combinations in (mostly) order you encounter in the game

  • First Fountain Gate – 645
  • Office Area door – Flower feather (top row / left, right), Fishtail flame (bottom row / left, right)
  • First Pool Table – 8617
  • Second Fountain Gate – 326
  • Overlook Code – 2182
  • Wood Cabin wall box code – 0147
  • GraveYard Door – Fishtail feather (top row / left, right), Flame flower (bottom row / left, right)
  • Swimming Pool door – 1991
  • Second Pool table – 5186

There are some real obvious ones (such as Old House 2nd floor left side) that are not here, just the ones that require a round disc – or a little more not right in front of your eyes.

Hope these help with speed runs and the SEER achievement!

Written by LIWolfe

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