Angels with Scaly Wings – Endings Guide

Please note: All credit goes to ZeroKay !

This is a guide on how to play the story properly without spoiling the major plot-points.

Endings Guide

There are 5 main characters (you meet one of them when you choose the “Order lunch” option): Remy, Anna, Lorem, Bryce, and Adine

There are 13 endings, which you should get in this order to get all of the info and understand everything about the plot:

  • Neutral (Your Bad Ending)
  • Remy Bad Ending
  • Anna Bad Ending
  • Lorem Bad Ending
  • Bryce Bad Ending
  • Adine Bad Ending
  • Remy Good Ending
  • Anna Good Ending
  • Lorem Good Ending
  • Bryce Good Ending
  • Adine Good Ending
  • Endgame (Final True Ending)

There’s also a Final evil ending (I never played this one), where you reset and do everything bad to the 5 main characters which makes something unique happen (Imagine Undertale’s genocide route for reference)

There’s a secret extended true ending which needs 60 in-game achievements to unlock (You can see them in the menu)

You need to go through one of the good endings in individual playthroughs for each of the 5 main characters (5 good ending playthroughs to get everything required) which will unlock the endgame option

There are 5 chapters, and you can go any route with a character, and with enough bonding you can unlock an option with them at the beginning of the final chapter. The difference between bad and good endings being that you miss/don’t choose the secret options with them

In order to get the neutral ending, you have to be alone. You can do this by not building a bond with anyone, or building a bond with somebody butdeciding to go alone. The rest will make sense

Read when the neutral ending/first playthrough is completed: You get sent back to before you arrive, and you take the place of the old you (it’ll make sense). Since you’ve replaced the old you, the items you take from the last timeline you will still have. Because of the timeline reset you lose your memories, but not subconsciously. Same could apply to others.

You can progress without doing the other bad endings for the main characters, the bad endings are the basically neutral ending + other character is involved + something unique happens for every character

You can just skip to the good endings, you might not be able to see what happens in the other bad endings without doing a true save wipe though, because (neutral ending spoiler) they could remember subconsciously and do things without your input.

If you look in the menu during the playthrough and check “Status” if you’ve gotten the items needed for the option to get a good ending as the story continues (they’re acquired each playthrough you go on, and you don’t lose them if you reset the timeline) they’ll appear at the right side of the screen

Remy Good Ending:

  • Visit the library during the second investigation
  • When eating with Remy, look at the pictures 3 times
  • You have to also be with Adine twice without having her status as bad/abandoned
  • During the third investigation, go to the store
  • Much later
  • You are given the option to ask Remy about wanting children (Ask = good ending, not asking = bad ending)

Anna’s Good Ending:

  • During the second meeting (when she is late), pick the “Try to get in the lab” option and take the letter.
  • Keep meeting her, and at the 4th meeting (when she gets in legal trouble) you are given the option to tell Anna she has cancer (Say = good ending, not saying = bad ending).
  • If the eggs and Bryce aren’t destroyed (from the bomb in the farmhouse) you may notice something different about Remy if you take the eggs to the hatchery.

Lorem’s Good Ending:

  • Go to Tatsu Park during the second investigation, search the pavilion 3 times for the Ixomen Orb.
  • At the third investigation go to the police archives (reject the ice cream guy) and rummage the trash for the base.
  • You will eventually be given the option to assemble it (Assemble = good ending, not assembling = bad ending).
  • Also, you may notice that if you don’t talk to Anna, she dies in other playthroughs, but something unique happens this time.

Bryce’s Good Ending:

  • Give your blood to Anna at Chapter 1.
  • You will be given the option to tell Maverick to wait (Wait = good ending, don’t wait = bad ending).

Adine’s Good Ending:

  • During the third investigation, go to the police archives (skip the ice cream guy) and study the blueprint and get the map item.
  • You will be given the option to show Adine the map (Show = good ending, don’t show = bad ending).


  • The final run, you may notice something different when the administrator pushes you out of the way in chapter 2, and now you can do anything you want (without messing up the relationships).
  • Important: Go to Tatsu park during the second investigation and get the bloody bandage achievement (inside of the hatch), you won’t be able to get it in future runs if you reset after this.
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