Kingdom Rush Frontiers – All Achievements Guide

This guide teaches you how to get all 87 achievements in the game and leaves hints for some specific hard achievements.

Basic Achievements

This is the first page of KR Frontiers achievements. All of them are self explanatory. In my opinion, you’ll have already get them all before finishing the campaign.

  • First Blood: you need to kill an enemy. Obviously you’ll get it in the 1st stage (Hammerhold);
  • And so it begins: only need to complete the Hammerhold stage;
  • Land owner: you just need to build a tower in every holder. This one can easily be done in the first stage too;
  • Daring: this one will require a little more time. You can call all the 6 waves early in Hammerhold and more 4 in the Sandhawk Hamlet (2nd stage). But doesn’t matter, you just have to call 10 waves early;
  • Genie in a bottle: you just have to KILL Nazeru, the red efreeti (6th stage),not necessarily finish the stage with 3 stars. But, let’s agree, it’s more interesting to do all stages with 3 stars;
  • Birth of a hero: you need to make any hero just level up. It’s possible already in the 2nd stage if you let Alric battle a lot;
  • Constructor: Can be easily done: Hammerhold has 10 holders, Sandhawk Hamlet has 13, Sape Oasis has 14. You can “fill” every holder in every stage or can build, sell and rebuild towers to get this achievement faster;
  • Bloodlust: you just have to kill 500 enemies. So easy, too;
  • Armageddon: you must use the meteor fall 5 times in the same stage. I’ve get this one in the 3rd stage;
  • Home improvement: you’ve only to upgrade every tower to level 3 at least one time. I’ve get this one in the 3rd stage too.

The second page of achievements is easy as the 1st one and it’s self explanatory too. But not necessarely you’ll get some of them “by accident”: this will require more attention.

  • Starry: just have to earn 15 stars. The easiest way to get this achievement is completing the first 5 stages with 3 stars each;
  • What’s that?: just have to open 5 information cards which appear on the left side of the screen when you have new enemies / hints;
  • Fearless: easy. Just have to call all waves in advance in the same stage. Easy to be done in Hammerhold;
  • Supermario: only have to get 30 stars;
  • Impatient: you must call a wave as soon as possible (before 3 seconds). Can easily be done in Hammerhold;
  • Engineer: only have to build 100 towers throughout the campaign. Easy;
  • Slayer: your towers / troops / heroes / power must have slain 2500 enemies. It’s cumulative, so you’ll get this achievement before the end of campaign, trust me;
  • Death from above: the rain of fire power must have slain 100 enemies. It’s cumulative;
  • Tactician: you have to change the rally point of your land units 200 times. You can spam this resource to get the achievement faster.
  • Superstar: only have to get 30 stars.

The tird page of achievements starts to be more “challenger”, with some specific achievements that requires more attention.

  • The architect: you must have built 150 towers to get this achievement;
  • Kongicide: you must KILL Quincon, the jungle king (11th stage);
  • Terminator: your towers / troops / heroes / power must have slain 10k enemies. It’s cumulative;
  • Die hard: your land units must restore 50k HP throughout the game. It’s cumulative;
  • Gie Joe: you must train 1k soldiers. Easy to a barracks enjoyer like me;
  • Cannon fodder: a thousand of your soldiers must die;
  • Specialist: you must have built each type of each tower level 4. It’s cumulative;
  • Divide and conquer: can be done from Maq’wa Urqu. You need to build at least two towers of each type and specialize them to the eight different level 4 towers;
  • You shall not pass!: you must defeat the final boss in the last stage (Emberspike depths – 15th stage). It’s a little difficult…
  • One froggy evening: you must find the singing frog in Sape Oasis. See below:

Some Specific Achievements

In the 4th page of achievements we start with a little difficult ones that requires more attention to the extramap portion.

  • Organic impulse: you must tap the desert bantahs in the 3rd stage. You’ll get the achievement when the animal fart ahead. See below.
  • Mua’dib: In my opinion, the hardest so far. The dune terrors in the stage will require you to block them with reinforcements / soldiers / mercenaries / hero. Pay attention in the ground tremor and avoid using land troops as much as possible.
  • Money talks: you need to hire 10 or more mercenaries. You can do this in 5 stages: Dunes of Despair, Bucaneers Den, Crimson Valley, Snapvine Bridge and Port Tortuga.
  • Stuff’o maker: a single genie must polymorph 10 enemies in the Dunes of Despair stage. Easy, the genies are strong and survive to the point of getting this easily;
  • The Black Pearl: you must kill 100 enemies with the pirate ship’s cannon in Bucaneers Den. Easy achievement since at this stage many weak enemies (desert thugs, dune raiders…) come;
  • Splash: you must find the mermaid in Bucaneers Den. See below:
  • Mummy at the gates: you just have to defeat a Sand wrath before it spawns the “sarcophagus”. Can be done in Bucaneers Den after the 6th wave. Try to block them with reinforcements / hero and use rain of fire. I got this in Bucaneers Den;
  • Twist and shout: your spear maidens must perform 50 “special attacks” (whirlwind) in Crimson Valley. So easy if you hire the most of them and let them fight a lot;
  • SOS to the World: you need to find the secret bottle in Snapvine Bridge. It follows the flow of the river (top to bottom). See below:
  • Feed me, seymour: the plants in Snapvine Bridge must eat 50 creatures (allies or enemies, doesn’t matter).

5th Page

The 5th page of achievements starts to be more specific and difficult.

  • Save the princess: you have to kill the savage brute that carries the princess to throw her in the volcano (Maq’wa Urqu). It appears many times in the stage. So pay attention to the cabin on the right or to the accute scream;
  • One ugly $%@#: you must find the 3 aliens (predators from Alien vs. Predator) in the 3 first jungle stages: Crimson Valley, Snapvine Bridge and Lost Jungle. See below (in order):
  • Land manager: you have to remove 10 obstacles from your holders (cumulative). Can be done from Crimson Valley;
  • Colonial marine: just have to kill 30 aliens (parasites or reapers, doesn’t matter);
  • The walking dead: you have to kill 100 tribal zombies. They’re spawned by blood tricksters when a savage unit dies near them.
  • Is that Wilhelm: you have to kill 10 enemies that are climbing;
  • Dr Henry Walton: you have to help Indiana Jones to scape from the temple in the 11th stage. He appears in the 6th wave. In the stone structure on the right, near the alien eggs, click first on the middle, then on the left and finally on the right. Indiana Jones will pass and destroy the eggs. See below:
  • Ali Baba: a so long achievement. You assassins have to steal 10k gold from enemies (they steal 1-3 gold per target). To get this one I recommend you to spam assassins in the Crimson Valley stage or The Underpass (in iron mode) and fulfill it’s pickpocket hability;
  • Dodge this: your assassins just have to dodge 1000 attacks. Can be easily done with the counterattack hability that increases the dodge chance (70% at max);
  • Hawkeye: you just have to apply the falconer bonus to other 4 towers. A easy one.

6th Page

This is the 6th achievements page. It contains some hard achievements like Highlander, Let it bleed and Popular BBQ. But I’ll disponibilize some tips to deal with them.

  • Bolt out the Sun: your crossbow forts must have shot 10k bolts with the barrage hability. Can be easily reached in bosses’ stages or stages with toughness enemies;
  • Death from below: you Dwaarps must execute 100 enemies with the drill hability;
  • Popular BBQ: your Dwaarps must burn 20 enemies at same time. I recommend you do this in the hardest stages, like Emberspike Depths, that have a great number of enemies, as well as build more than 1 dwaarp per stage;
  • Fujita #5: your archmages must pick up 500 enemies with the tornado hability. Building many archmages and improving the twister spell hability will make you reach this achievement faster;
  • Overcharged: your archmages must deal 30k damage with the critical mass hability. Again, building many archmages and improving the critical mass hability will make you reach this achievement faster;
  • Highlander: for many, the hardest one. But don’t worry: I’ve a tip to you. The achievement consists in making the SAME templar revives 5 times in a row. You can get this easily in the Maq’wa Urqu stage. The savage hunters in the 1st wave will help you. Build a templar barrack in the top of the map and fulfill the holy grail hability. The hunters will (try to) kill your soldiers. If fail, restart the map. See below:
  • Let it bleed: you must KILL 100 enemies by bleeding. Using the Cronan as hero and fulfilling the arterial strike hability of your templars will make you reach this achievement faster;
  • Silence please: your axethrowers must silence 70 spellcasters with the silence totem. Improving this hability and deploying more axethrowers in stages with spirit / earth shamans will help you to get this faster;
  • Cull the weak: your axethrowers must weak 100 enemies with the totem of weakness. Improving this hability and deploying more axethrowers in more stages will help you to get this faster;
  • Necropolis: you must have 20 skeletons alive at same time. Deploying more necromancers in stages with many weak enemies (underpass, for example) will help you to get this one.

7th Page

The 7th achievements page isn’t hard at all. But some achievements must requer more of your time.

  • Grim reaper: your grim reapers have to KILL 99 enemies. I suggest you to “spam” the Temple of Saqra in iron mode: in this stage you start with 2 necromancer towers and 2 grim reapers that combat weak enemies at the beginning. Somehow, you must invest in grim reapers and let them fight a lot;
  • Mechwarrior: just have to build 3 mechas in any stage. Can easily be done in Maq’wa Urqu;
  • Optimus prime: your mechas have to defeat 500 enemies. Easy one if you are a mecha enjoyer like me;
  • Hero of the day: you just have to level up your hero to 5. Can easily be done with Alric before the 1st boss (depends how much do you let the hero fight)
  • Legen(wait for it)dary: just have to level up your hero to 10. Easy if you let the hero fights a lot. You probably will get this one before finishing the campaign;
  • Sand warrior: easy to be done in the 2nd stage. You just need to finish a desert stage without letting your hero die;
  • Tarzan boy: easy to be done in Crimson Valley. You just need to finish a jungle stage without letting your hero die;
  • Caveman: easy to be done in The Underpass. You just need to finish a cave stage without letting your hero die;
  • Oakenshield: a hard one. The tip I give to you is try this achievement in Darklight Depths. From the 6th wave the saurian deathcoils will appear. They’ve a ranged attack that damage a lot. Fulfill the dwarfweiser hability and use the rally point to put the dwarves in the range of the deathcoils, but pay attention to don’t let they die. You can use Grawl as hero to “tank” your dwarves when they’re recovering HP. Repeat this steps 2-3 times;
  • In the navy: you just have to destroy 5 gunboats in Port Tortuga. Fulfilling both habilities of the top pirate watchtower can help you to get this one.

8th Page

This is the 8th achievements page, wich contains extra campaign maps’ achievements.

  • Perfect storm: you must kill 3 bluegales under a storm they’ve made;
  • Jaws: you must kill 20 deviltides (who rides sharks) before they get in the shore;
  • Waterworld: you just have to kill 50 enemies while they’re swimming;
  • Squid in it’s ink: you must defeat Leviathan, boss of the Sunken Citadel;
  • Moonwalker: you have to survive 13 fullmoons withou losing any life. It’s not hard, but you must pay attention because in the fullmoons the enemies walks faster and spawns near the flags;
  • Underwalk: just have to kill 100 zombies during a fullmoon. Artillery can do this easily;
  • Ghostbusters: you must finish the Desecrated Grove (2nd “halloween” stage) without letting any ghost pass away. Wizard towers can destroy them easily;
  • I see dead people: you have to kill 6 phantom warriors before they warm ay soldier. They appear in Desecrated Grove (initially in the top side). Building wizard towers will help you to deal with them, as well as avoid using reinforcements / barracks near the phantom warriors;
  • Dead and loving it: you have to KILL Vasile in the Dusk Chateau stage (3rd and last “halloween” stage);
  • You’ve found me: find reptile in the Darklight depths. He is, initially, invisible See below:

9th Page

The last page of achievements have, for me, the longest achievement (and the rarest of this game) and many others that will requer more of your time.

  • I’m the lizard king: you must KILL Xyzzy in the Darklight Depths stage;
  • Come on you apes: you have to survive 30 waves in the Temple of Evil (endless mode);
  • Want a piece of me: the longest one: you have to kill 300 aliens (parasyte, reaper, reaper lord) in the endless mode. Trust me, this one will require a little more from your time;
  • Great defender: you just have to finish the campaign in normal difficulty;
  • Heroic defender: just have to finish all CAMPAIGN stages in the heroic mode (and normal difficulty at least);
  • Iron defender: just have to finish all CAMPAIGN stages in the iron challenge (and normal difficulty at least);
  • Supreme defender: you just have to finish the campaign in the veteran difficulty.

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