Angry Angry Shark – Beginners Guide (Climbing Ladders, Movement, Classes)

This guide will teach you how to climb ladders, some basic movement, and good class setups.

Guide for New Players

Climbing Ladders

To start climbing a ladder jump at the base of the ladder, after a second you will start to fall. When you do, look away from the ladder then look back. You should now be able to climb ladders.

When climbing the towers on the defalt map you might get stuck at the top, to get unstuck hit the crouch button. You should now be at the top of the tower.


Movement in this game is simple. When sprinting you can press crouch to slide. If you press jump any time during a slide it will give you more momentum. You can jump about three time during one slide before you should slide again.

Un-crouching while sliding will stop your momentum instantly.

I recommend you change the crouch button to a more accessible key (I use a mouse thumb button).

Also in PvP the button to re-spawn is the same as the melee button by default, this causes you to melee when you re-spawn and not able to shoot your spawn trapper.

In the setting there is egg roll and egg dive I do not recommend you use these as they are not helpful, they are also bound to strange keys and can not be re-bound.

Class Setup

The best gun in the game Is the MCX without a doubt. With big damage, big fire rate, and BIG ammo reserves. The best secondary is the Deagle which shares the MCX’s BIG ammo.

For optics the Holo or the reflex are the only real options as the other zoom too far or are too dirty to see out of.

For optic picture I use the chevron because its easy to find and takes up the least amount of space.

I recommend the D groove as it increases your mag size from 62 to 87 (if you’re using the MCX).


To be able to talk in-game you will need to rebind the chat key.

Mine is set to quote next to the enter key.

Reviving Teammates, Vending Machines, and Shark Heads

There are two types of vending machines; One lets you change your class and the other lets you revive your teammates.

It cost $4,500 to change your class.

To revive a teammate you need to collect their tag. Their tag will drop were they died, bring this tag to the other vending machine and hold R to revive them. This will take some time so make sure the coast it clear.

Both vending machines look the same. Before you get to far in a run locate all the POIs on the map. Example: Vending machines, Shark head upgrades, and items you wish to use.

Teammates will re-spawn at a default re-spawn point and not at the vending machine. Teammates will also re-spawn when a round is over.

Both methods re-spawn the player with only the class they picked, no upgrades or bought items. It is almost always better to finish a round than to try to revive someone.

There are many types of shark heads.

  • The random shark head. ($1,000) Gives you a random item from the game. Not worth it, unles you want to use the mp7 or RPG sence you can’t get them off the wall.
  • The Ice upgrade head. ($7,000) This head will infuse ice into your bullets, slowling and frezzing your targets.
  • The volt upgrade head. ($10,000) This head will elecrfiy your bullets, IDK what this one does for sure but in PvP it is very annoying as it impairs your vision.
  • The souls head. ($ Your soul) I have no clue rn //Will update this later\

The ice upgrade Is best for PvE.

Written by UncleBrotherSon

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