Bankrupt Heroines 2 – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide will show you how to unlock all of the achievements in Bankrupt Heroines 2.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Gameplay Tips


There are 8 different NPC’s that you will obtain throughout the game. Each one will provide something different whether it is CG’s or weapons. These are some main ones to take note of.

First NPC

  • Will allow you to upgrade weapons. If you talk with the NPC they will give you health up for ahem… interacting with them.

Third NPC

  • Will give you the shotgun which is a good early game weapon.

Sixth NPC

  • Will provide buffs to the character for 100 gold (90 with the hidden NPC). I recommend rolling for a speed buff or the best buff before going for some achievements.

Seventh NPC

  • Will give the armor piercing round gun which I think of as the strongest gun and is useful for going for most achievements.


I recommend using the shotgun until you can get the armor piecing round from the NPC in level 7. Upgrade the shotgun as much as possible putting most of your money in damage, then clip size, and then reloading speed. Once getting the armor piercing round, do the same as with the shotgun.


There are a few buffs in the game provided by the Sixth NPC. You can get the exact one you want by spending 100 gold until you get which one you want. The main buffs to note are…

Best Buff – gives you all the buffs including speed, reload speed, defense up, and damage up.
Speed buff – gives increased speed and jump height. It is useful for collecting shrimp and going through a level quickly.

Distance Achievements

This one is fairly easy. For each achievement you must go 100, 200, 400, 600 and 800 meters in a level. I recommend for the longer distances to do this once you have more upgraded weapons. Also once you get the girl who can buff you, you can either get a speed buff or the best buff to make this faster.

The people of delivery

  • Go over 100 meters

This one should be fairly straight forward and you should be able to get it in the first level.


  • Go over 200 meters

This is another very easy achievement and you should be able to get this within the first or second level.


  • Go over 400 meters

You again should be able to get this just by playing through the game normally and by going 400 meters.

I don’t know how should I name this achievement

  • Go over 600 meters

This one may need a little bit of extra work to get but it shouldn’t be that hard as all you do it walk 600 meters.

Longer than the Vatican City

  • Go over 800 meters

This one will require you to take the extra step and go 800 meters. This can easily be done on the first level by just walking to the 800 meters and ignoring all enemies.

Final Boss Achievements

There are two achievements related to the final boss. The first is to destroy the final boss and the second is to be defeated by the final boss. To get both achievements you will need two save files one for destroying the boss and the other for being defeated.

Note: being defeated by the final boss will delete your save file!

A Regular Cat

  • Destroy the boss

I recommend doing this on your first save file so that you can grind out the money achievements more easily with all your overpowered gear.


I recommend using the best buff along with the armor piercing round to easily defeat the final boss. It really shouldn’t be all that hard.


  • Fail in the boss stage

Pretty simple. You just have to purposefully die to the final boss. However as I mentioned previously, your save file will be deleted once the CG is completed (You will be able to view the CG later at anytime).


I recommend going into the fight without any buffs so that it is easier for you to die.

Money Related Achievements

There are 11 achievements related to money and all of them are fairly simple to do, they just take a little bit of grinding to complete. I recommend only going for these achievements once you finish the game as they are a bit boring. I also recommend interacting with the mob boss so that your taxation is decreased and you get more money for the entire run, allowing you to upgrade weapons more easily.


  • Gain 1000 golds

Should be achievable by playing the game normally.

Greedy cow

  • Gain 3000 golds in a stage

Should be achievable by playing the game normally.

Money! Money!

  • Gain 5000 golds

Should be achievable by playing the game normally.


  • Gain 5000 golds in a stage

Should be achievable by playing the game normally either in level 5 – 8.

Vegan food

  • Harvest 1000 shrimps from trees

Can be achieved in level 7 or 8. It is almost essential to have either the speed buff or best buff to get this achievement. Having one of these buffs will allow you to jump on each tree to get almost all of the shrimp available.

Intercontinental Ballistic Tuna

  • Gain 2000 scores from tuna

Can be achieved in level 5 or 6. When the Ballistic Tuna strike begins, make sure that you are under a shelter so that gold can collect. Going to a shelter with a relatively level ground can help. Also switching to a gun that gives a wider field of view will help see where any gold drops.

I hate taxation

  • Lose 10,000,000 gold in total for texation

Easiest way to get this is to grind through level 7 or 8 with a speed boost (to allow you to jump higher) until you reach around 800 to 1000 meters and then finish the level. You should then get this achievement.

U. S. A.

  • Spend 1,000,000 golds for upgrading weapons

From all the money you have collected upgrade any weapon. I recommend upgrading the shotgun first as that is an achievement in itself and then I recommend focusing all your money into the armor piercing round as it is the most powerful.

California governing at the finest

  • Spend 100,000 golds for upgrading shotgun

Just upgrade the shotgun until you get this achievement. I recommend going first for damage and clip size and then for shot speed and reload speed.

Gold Rush!

  • Pick up 100 gold boxes

Possibly the most frustrating to get. Every 100 meters you will hear a toaster oven ding. When you hear this stop everything you’re doing and collect the crate falling majestically from the sky.


I recommend going to level 7 or 8 with a speed boost to collect shrimp and boxes and resetting the level after reaching 1000 meters. Once you’ve collected enough money for the other achievements I recommend going to level 1 to complete this achievement, that is unless you want to keep getting more gold to upgrade guns.

NPC Related Achievements

There are two NPC achievements that require two playthroughs to complete.

We are GGanbus ain’t we?

  • Find 8 NPCs

This achievement can be easily gotten by going through each level of the game and collecting each NPC after the required score to pass the level achieved.

We are GGGGGGanbus ain’t we?

  • Find all hidden NPCs

There are three hidden NPC’s in the game. They are in level 1, level 6 and level 8. It doesn’t matter whether you get these in the first or second playthrough.

Notes: be careful that there are no enemies or stray bullets nearby the NPC’s that you want to skip over as they can accidentally knock you into the NPC you want to skip. Also make sure to jump over them and not walk through them.

Hidden NPC 1

The first hidden NPC is in the first level. You must skip over the first NPC to appear by hopping over them and continuing on until you get to the tentacle monster NPC

Hidden NPC 2

The second NPC is in level 6 and you must do roughly the same, passing over the initial NPC until you get to the hidden NPC.

Hidden NPC 3

The third and final NPC is in level 8 and again you have to skip over the initial NPC to get to the hidden one.

Miscellaneous Achievements

These are achievements that didn’t quite fit other categories so I’m putting them here.

Grass field

  • Reach the stage 7

Just reach level 7 in the game.

The end of the Erich Hartmann

  • Shut down the Canadian Stuka

This achievement is for defeating a hidden boss in level 3. You have to go about 300 to 350 meters until you hear a scream in the sky that will signify the boss appearing.


I recommend using the armor piercing round (gun) with upgraded stats and having a best buff or increased damage buff to help as the boss will disappear very quickly from view. You are able to replay the level as many times as needed until you defeat the boss.

Note: this boss will only appear after defeating the level.

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