Antimatter Dimensions – How to Unlock All Secret Themes

How to unlock all the secret themes in the game.

All Secret Themes

How to Unlock Secret Themes

There are a variety of secret themes that were added to the game in the Steam release, as well as old ones from past versions of the game.

All secret themes are unlocked by entering the phrases below into the “Import Save” option in the settings and pressing enter.

All The Themes

Phrase – Christmas

  • Gives the game a Christmas-y theme.

Phrase – Finnish

  • Colors everything white and blue.

Phrase – Confused

  • Makes the game window sometimes become blurry, tilted, or have inverted colors.

Phrase – Design

  • Makes the game look like a 1990’s website.

Phrase – Nicolas

  • Gives the game a brown tint and changes the background to a picture of Nicolas Cage.

Phrase – Blob

  • Blob emojis fall from above and the game’s windows has a yellow tint.

Phrase – Blind

  • Removes all text.

Phrase – Galactic/Stellar

  • Adds animated stars in the background and gives it a blue tint.

Phrase – Work

  • Removes most of the game’s flair, making the background and the buttons white, and changes the font to Arial.

Phrase – Bliss

  • Changes the background into the Windows XP background.

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