Antonball Deluxe – How to Clear Punchball Bonus Stage 2 (Faster Method)

Please note: all credit goes to TwoTailedGamer!

Ever found that moving platform in Punchball’s second bonus stage to be a little too daunting? Want to completely skip it with a faster process? Then this guide is for you.

Guide to Clear Punchball Bonus Stage 2

Step-by-Step Process

Step 1

Reach the second bonus stage of Punchball by clearing the second area. It should be Phase 12.

Step 2

Clear out the switches aligned against the wall and floor of the stage in any order you feel comfortable with. Leave the switch on the ceiling for last. For reference, I activate them floor > right wall > left wall in that order.

Step 3

Position yourself on the large, floating platform. It should be above a smaller platform of the same color.

Step 4

Jump and throw the punchball out to the right. It should activate the switch on the ceiling and then fall to the floor. Be sure not to time the throw in a manner that prevents the punchball from falling as a result of where the moving platform is. At this point every switch should be activated.

Step 5

Head towards the floating platform on the far right. Position yourself on the left edge of it, and then crouch jump moving left slightly. Once the jump occurs, pay close attention to where you are in relation to the platform above you, and move right once you are close to its overall positioning. If you did it right you will have successfully wrapped around the platform with the crouch jump and finished the bonus stage.

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