GTA 5 – How to Invite a Stripper to Your Apartment (GTA Online)

This guide explain how you can to invite a stripper to apartment in GTA Online.

Guide to Invite a Stripper


Step 1

Buy a good apartment.

Step 2

Go to the strip club and have some private dances.

Step 3

The stripper give you her phone number when sympathy scale reaches its maximum.

Step 4

Call her to invite to your apartment.

Step 5

In the apartment go to the front door and let her in.

Step 6

Enjoy the private dance.

P.S.: The stripper can leave if you don’t pay attention to her.

P.P.S.: You can invite only one stripper.





You can skip steps 2 and 3 by calling the following numbers:

  • 346-555-0183 – Nikki,
  • 346-555-0186 – Fufu,
  • 611-555-0163 – Chastity.

How to make a call? Take your phone -> Contacts -> middle mouse button -> put the phone number -> middle mouse button again to make a call.

Have fun!

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