ApplePop – Tips for 100% Achievements

Golden Stars & Points Mechanics

To get all 90 achievements, the player must obtain a “golden star” on all 45 levels. This means getting 10,000 points at each level. To rack up points, the player can hit “apples” with their “orange.” On top of that, hitting pears/strawberries grant the user extra powerups (such as an explosion or extra oranges). There are also purple crystals that grant the user a multiplier to earn even more points.

At the end of the level, the user gains 1,000 points for every extra orange left along with a chance to earn up to 5,000 points by landing their final orange in the middle area.

Figure 1: The red arrow indicates the 5,000 points area.

This can seem daunting at first; however, we will exploit two in-game mechanics to make this very easy.

Tip #1: Sniping

ApplePop has a mechanic that grants the user their orange back if the orange lands in the moving bin. This can be a bit random (as you may not know where the orange will land). However, you can set up shots that involve hitting only one apple to accurately land it in the bin, granting you a free 100 points. While this may sound tedious, this is almost necessary for level 7, where only 4,600 points are available (which means you’ll need to land your final orange into the 5,000-point area and have at least 1 extra apple to get a golden star).

Figure 2: The bin is circled in red!

While time-consuming, this tactic is fairly easy to pull off if you use ~3-4 oranges to clear most of the screen such that you can easily target 1 apple at a time.

Tip #2: “Wasting” Your Second-to-Last Orange

When you throw your last orange you get the opportunity to receive 5,000 points if you land it in the correct bin.

“Isn’t that easy? Can’t I just right-click and test where my final orange will land?”

Unfortunately, you cannot perform a prediction shot with your last orange. However, you can with your second-to last one. The strategy that I found works best (for all levels but level 7) is to rack up 5,000 points with all but 2 of your oranges. Fire a prediction path until you get one that’ll land the orange in the center bin for 5,000 points. Remember what power you’re set to; drastically change the power until the orange misses the apple. Set your power to the original power and shoot your orange for an easy 5,000 points.

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