Halls of Torment – Charged Up Achievement Guide

Tips to Obtain Charged Up Achievement


Charged Up

  • Apply 20 stacks of electrify on a single enemy.


This one seems to be a tricky one since Thunder Strike nerv.

I would recommend:

You have to pick the Sorceress.


  • Wind Crown if you plan this to do on the Ghost Wall in map 3 OR
  • Thunder Crown in combination with Transfixion on Lords or the Ghost Wall.
  • Ring of Thunder + Wooden Ring.
  • Amulett free choice (Jade Amulett for faster leveling).
  • Body free choice.
  • Boots free choice.
  • Quickhand Gloves.

Proficient Stance

  • Stability – Stability – Stability – Stability

Weapon Proficiency

  • Voltage – Voltage – Voltage – Strenght

In terms of abilitys you want Thunder Strike and Kugleblitz, Transfixion can be helpfull in applying Affliction/trigger Thunder Crown, but you kill stuff very fast.

Thunder Strike

  • Intensity – Conversion – Repercussion – Charges – Conversion – Repercussion – Intensity – Conversion – Conversion – Repercussion


  • Voltage – Capacity – Voltage – Capacity – Voltage – Resistance – Voltage – Capacity – Voltage – Capacity

Trait prios

  • Quick Hands – Multihit – Cunning Technique – rest is your choice

Hugging the Ghostwall is heavy rng based if your attacks hit the same Ghost over and over. If you want to try that, position yourself on the left or right side. If you have no other enemys nearby, chances are high that Kugelblitz will target the Ghost closest to you.

For a boss try do it an map one. There are no other things, that can distract the attacks from Lightning Strike, but dont get the amulet, you want him to have as much hp as possible.

Spoiler for easier life

With the addition of the new NPC, you can get 3 potions that double a trait once. You can use this 3x on Weapon Preficiency Voltage, or 3x Repercussion on Thunder Strike. The latter will apply hugfe amounts of Electryfy and TS will deal near to nothing in terms of dmg.

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