Arma Reforger – Beginners Tips

This guide is a simple list of tips. Hopefully it can help someone.

Tips for New Players

Conflict Mode Tips

  • When you capture an objective you need to build a vehicle depot or armory to make spawning available for the rest of your team. It’s a good practice to build vehicle depots first.
  • Are you bored of ‘drive to objective & die’ cycle? Team up with someone and get a backpack radio.
  • If the Command tent doesn’t have any radios, you can get unlimited quantity of backpack radios in every Radio Tent. And it’s all free, so get some.
  • You don’t have to scavange AI bodies for bandages. There’s a medical crate in every Command Tent.
  • Bunkers are cheap, very cheap. And those often come with ammo or light anti-tank weapons crates. Great alternative to armories if you’re on budget.
  • Don’t be the guy who reveals all the secrets and master plans to enemies. Use arrow keys to change channels in chat.
  • You can jam enemy communications by simply being annoying on their faction’s radio channel. They’ll love it.
  • Do you need next level firepower? Drop guns, RPGs on the ground near armory and load them from inside of your car. Now you’re loaded.
  • Do you often miss ‘Flip the Car’ functionality? Slow down and drive carefully next time. That’s it, that’s the advice.
  • Sometimes it’s more useful to play as a defender. The AI will sound an alarm once enemies get close. It’s also visible from spawning screen. They’ll point their guns at last known location of enemy. Go for easy kills.
  • Others can see you at night, but you never see them? Adjust your monitor’s or VGA’s control panel gamma settings to get a free night vision. It’s not cheating because your eyes would adjust to night conditions IRL or something like that.
  • Sound is a huge factor in this game. You can turn off your car’s engine to be extra silent. Also if you slow down your character’s movements , you will make less noise while camping in a bush.
  • Current META is camping in a bush with gamma 3.0 and a radio backpack.
  • Always play META.

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