Arma Reforger – Everon Hidden Camp Locations (Game Master Mode)

A few cosy little places with flat ground to build sneaky camps at in Game Master Mode.

Camp Locations

Ore Ridge

  • Grid: 106,024

Lots of space for building here, including a large cave.


  • Grid: 084,007

Small set of ruins and a coastal cave, enough room for a few tents.

Regina Costal Woods


  • Grid: 075,013


  • Grid: 071,016

Lighthouse has the most room for building, Bunker has just enough space for a tent.

Skaka Point


  • Grid: 095,048

Southern Forest

  • Grid: 096,048

Lots of flat space in the quarry its self, along with space by the ruins above.

Southern Forest has room for a small camp.

Long Hill

  • Grid: 023,056

Room for a small camp.

Old Woods

  • Grid: 038,042

Small camp, with a good hilltop observation position.


  • Grid: 049,085

Room for a very large camp, lots of small flatter areas in the entire wooded area for fighting positions.

Coalman’s Brow


  • Grid: 042.103

Coastal Forest

  • Grid: 040,099

Lake can accommodate a medium sized camp, with the coastal forest area with even more flat ground.

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