Ashi Wash – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Ashi Wash is a hybrid foot cleaning game that requires you to play in both VR and non-VR, The game features 11 easy achievements for speedrunning the game and completing hidden tasks. This guide contains spoilers.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Squeaky Clean

  • Cleaned the foot

Finish Cleaning the foot before the timer runs out

Pedicure Professional

  • Beat the developers’ high scores

Finish cleaning the foot with more than 1:30 left on the timer

Restart until you spawn with the least amount of corn and attack the flies first.

Movie Night

  • Pop 3 Corns within 6 seconds

Keep restarting until you get 2 corns close together and a 3rd corn nearby so you can heat 2 simultaneously and a 3rd incrementally until they are all close to exploding.

But Why?

  • Why would you do that?

Grab all the tools and throw them over the balcony outside, the first 2 throws will respawn the item but anything you throw after that is lost for the current round.

Taking Care of Business

  • Sit on the toilet for a minute and then finish cleaning the foot (Non-VR)

Jump onto the downstairs toilet and hold crouch for a full minute, after ~60 seconds you should hear a flush and now you must go finish cleaning the foot before the timer runs out.


  • ??? (Non-VR)

Jump onto the foot and up into the attic / loft / roof space.

There’s also a record to collect here for achievement: Going On Record.

Going On Record

  • Find all the hidden records (Non-VR)

There’s 4 records to collect which you can get anytime across any number of runs.

  • 1 is on top of the fridge.
  • 1 is upstairs in the bedroom closet.
  • 1 is in corridoor behind the foot where the door is slightly ajar.
  • 1 is in a record player in the attic (jump up the foot to get there)


My Mixtape

  • ??? (VR)

Grab a match, light the fireplace then grab a record and throw it in.

Listen Closely

  • ??? (VR)

Put your ear up to the record player for a few seconds on all 6 records.

Head Start

  • Kill a fly before the round starts (VR)

You can either throw the spatula and hope for the best or you can use the rotation + real life movement trick.

To perform the trick you need to physically walk to the edge of your play area, turn 180° and use the rotation buttons to turn another 180° inside the game, now you should be able to continue forward in the direction you started with.

Oh, that’s why

  • Finish cleaning the foot after fulfilling the requirements for “But Why?” (VR)

Clean the foot until you are left with 1 corn left to pop, now throw all of your tools over the balcony until they stop respawning EXCEPT the matchbox, once you’ve done that quickly light a match and throw the box over the balcony, run back and pop that last corn.

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