Ashina: The Red Witch – All Endings Guide

This is a guide to help obtain all endings. However, the secret ending will not be completely revealed as it wouldn’t exactly be a secret but I will be giving quite a lot of hints towards obtaining it, you will have to find all the items yourself.

How to Get All Endings

Firstly, Ashina: The Red Witch has no alternative endings as the game is a prequel and there wouldn’t be a logical way to continue the story if otherwise, hence why I made an unlockable extended ending which is all canon.

How each ending unlocks works on a point system. Throughout the game, you will hear a small bell sound once you have earned a point (similar to the save sound). These points accumulate towards a specific ending.

I would also advise making multiple saves throughout the game especially in the sewers as one crucial point relies on starting the sidequest before you leave.

Ashina Ending

To obtain the Ashina ending, just complete the game as normal, it will unlock regardless of how you play through it.

Tena Ending

  • Talk to Tena about her dream in Ash’s apartment during the prologue dialog.
  • Talk to Tena about Yoko in the spirit world bathhouse.
  • Check Tena’s bath before leaving the spirit world bathhouse with Tanto.
  • Check the sauna in the final chapter bathhouse for Tena.

Bonus Ending
You don’t need all of these to unlock just most of them

  • Check the geisha doll statue in the buffet of the witch’s house.
  • Interact with Luzia’s bed in the witch’s house multiple times.
  • Talk to Nura in the bath in the witch’s house.
  • Give the Forest Spirit a [Bowl of Noodles].
  • Check the Stranga mask in the sauna in the final bathhouse.
  • Talk to Seki about the dark tunnels in Kozan.
  • Talk to Kusari about who is the witch.

Secret Ending:
To unlock this ending you will need to do all tasks

  • Give the [Bun] to Oakie after exhausting his dialog.
  • Give the talking Hoki the [Chocolate] in the middle houses in Kozan.
  • Give the [Tuning Fork] to the chef stirring the pot of soup in the witch’s house after using it.
  • Give Kusari the [Bowl of Cod Soup].
  • Give the [Bag of Rice] to the Kappo at the sewer entrance in the inner city of Chikara.
  • Give the [Mail] to Post Ninja in Chikara residential district.
  • Give Gus the [Photo].
  • Give Kubi the [Old Photo].
  • Give Tanto the [Old Photo]. (This will be done automatically if in inventory when seeing Tanto)
  • Exhaust Noryo’s dialog options as Ash in Chikara residential area.
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  1. I tried checking Tena’s bath after she disappears, but there’s nothing to find? There’s no prompt that pops up. Or do you just mean go to see her after you take a bath yourself?

    • Checking Tena’s bath will trigger a mini cutscene if she is not there, you will hear the bell after the cutscene 🙂

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