Mortal Online 2 – Guide to Meduli Safest Starter Town for New Players (Defense Against Griefing)

Tired of getting killed over and over? Want to safely farm mats in Graveyard or earn 8 gold per full horse? Want a safe place to start out of Haven? Meduli is the only town in game that has a Graveyard whose 80% of territory is protected by Elite Guards.

Beginners Guide to Safest Starter Town

Safest Town in Game

Welcome to Meduli

If you are just starting out then to leave Haven you have to find the fishing village which is behind the Bandit Dungeon, but on the lower side of the island. You can easily scale the mountain off the Dungeon.

Find the statue

Before putting in the items you want to transfer make sure to choose Meduli above, using the arrow keys. Then hit travel to Meduli and hold.

You will end up here. In this beautiful jewel of a town.

But if you have already started playing elsewhere, you can try to find and travel to Meduli either in ghost form that way you can lose nothing, just make sure to bring your haven sword to start over, or travel there on a horse with your items.

I suggest you google Mortal Online 2 Interactive Map. People behind it created a really amazing tool for the game. It will help you on your journey.

Why ‘Duli?

Why choose Meduli over other towns? Quite simply. The guards patrol far out of town. Guards even cover up to 80 % of Graveyard. Graveyard is the primary area where new unskilled players go to earn gold.

A horse full of zombie heads, bone and emalji will sell for 8 gold. If you bring 2 horses you get twice as much. And you can farm that rather quickly without leaving the graveyard. You need not worry about “Red” Murderer players killing you because guards will cover you. You do not need to worry about Blue players going Criminal too. Guards will deal with them as well.

They really stand no chance against Meduli Graveyard because an Elite Guard will show up aimbot arrows that deal over 200 damage per hit. That is enough to kill most players. If your build has more health than most and a decent armor you will probably take 2-3 hits before you die.

And when guards kill you, not only do you die and people get to take your stuff, but you will also lose reputation points. If you lose enough you will never be able to use cities of this faction unless you spend time farming it back up.

The Lictor no longer goes there but Elite Guards are even worse in my opinion. Because inspite of teleport you could block his sword and there is no way you can block arrows

Only town in game that has such amazing graveyard protection. In other places like Fabernum or Morin Khur you go to graveyard to farm you get rolled by a bunch of Murderers or Criminals. Your pets get killed. You earn nothing. In Meduli you consistently earn gold coins to buy skill books, materials, weapons and other goods you might need. You can earn between 100-200 gold an hour, maybe even more. On top of free Clade EXP from zombies as well. It does build up over time. And the best thing is that Meduli is also the town with the closest graveyard to town of all towns.

The guards are ready to defend you anywhere. They will even follow the lawbreaking outlaws into the depths of the sea. They do not need air, they feed on outlaw fear and desire to punish.

They will follow you into cellars and buildings in droves. There is no escape from Guards in Meduli.

That is a very secure place to be in. And currently some player Alliances protect the city too.

See You in ‘Duli

I’ll see you in Duli I guess. That is how folks who live there call it anyway.

And why wouldn’t you go there? Guard patrol radius around town is pretty big that you can farm Saburra and Whitewood, do Graveyard, fish in the sea quite safely. 80% safer than other places to be exact.

With squads of these brave folks offering their protection free of charge so long as you are not hated by Tindremic Kingdoms.

So if you were looking for a place where griefing is low, griefers have it bad, then you found it. It is called Meduli and it is also a trading center of Nave.

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