Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Guide to the Offices of the Unseen (Collecting the Set of the Unseen)

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In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, there are 6 Hidden offices, by finding which you can collect a set of powerful Hidden armor (Way of the Raven). Most of them are located in the zones where the player enters in the later stages of the game. If you are careful, you can open all offices, despite the low indicator of strength. The developers have made it very difficult to find these offices. Therefore, if you want to get a set of Unseen armor, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our guide. In it you will find all the information on how to find offices and collect the necessary equipment.

How to Collect Way of the Raven Set

How to start the chain of quests for the armor of the Unseen?

In order to start the series of quests for the Hidden Ones set, you need to go to Ravenstrop and find an NPC named Highsem. After a short dialogue, during which the main character learns about the Order of the Ancients, you will receive a task to build the first office.

Highsem will then teach Eivor the Leap of Faith and give him more information about the Unseen in Britain. From this moment begins the chain of tasks of the order. Having started its implementation, you will gradually open all the offices and collect good equipment that gives the following bonuses:

  • 2/5 – increased damage from a surprise attack if the character ducked and remained unnoticed for 10 seconds.
  • 5/5 – additional damage increase from hits to the head of the enemy.

In addition, in the offices of the Unseen, you can find the pages of the codex that Highem needs.

First office in Ledecestershire

The office can be found at the very beginning of the story missions. You might have stumbled upon it when you were doing your first quests, but obviously didn’t understand what kind of place it was. To get to the office, the main character needs to get to Ledecestershire and go to the northeast. On the way you will see a circle surrounded by stone steles. It can be seen if you use the Raven scope while standing in the northeast of the city.

You can understand that it is there that the office of the Invisibles is located by the special symbol of the order, painted on the floor. Exactly the same symbol you saw near the first office, which was built at the request of Highem in Ravenstrop.

The screenshot below shows the location of the first office in Ledecestershire (green arrow on the map).

Having reached the indicated place, climb the wall between the steles, just behind the symbol of the Unseen. Standing on the wall, look to the southwest. You will notice a net hanging from a rope. To understand what we are talking about, click on the screenshot below.

Next, Eivor needs to shoot so that the rope holding the net with stones breaks and falls down. After the cargo falls, you will have access to the passage. Follow the narrow corridor until you get into the room of the Invisibles. There you will find the first part of the Unseen set – bracers (lie in the chest), as well as a page of the codex.

Second office in Lunden

Going in search of the second office, you must be careful, as you may encounter dangerous enemies on the way (power rating – 90). The office is located on the very outskirts of the city – northeast of Lunden. The exact location of the target is shown in the screenshot below.

After arriving at the indicated point, look around and find a wooden structure woven with plants, which looks like a round fence. How it looks, look at the picture below.

To get inside the fence, climb onto any of the nearby pillars and jump onto the wooden stakes. After you need to jump down.

Falling down (there will be water), on the map you will see a location marker “Office of Londinium”. You do not need to get out of the water, dive deeper and turn towards the northwestern corner of the reservoir. At the bottom of the wall is a wooden door with a panel that can be broken with a bow.

If it so happens that the main character does not have arrows with him, he needs to climb a fallen tree that lies on the edge of the reservoir and take them.

After the panel next to the door is broken, Eivor must swim through the gap through the underwater tunnel to a place where he can surface. Next, go to the end of the corridor you came out of, turn right and jump onto the platform hanging from the roof.

Clinging to the rope, climb up and find the grate to your right. There will be red pots (near the wall). If you shoot at them, they will explode and a hole will appear in the wall. After passing through it, the player finds himself in a room where there is a page of the codex (on the table) and there is a chest with the second part of the set – the Mask of the Invisibles.

You can get out of the room through the door. It leads to the pool where you fell after jumping off the fence. Take the key on the table and open it. After reaching the reservoir, go to the opposite side. There is a stone barrier there. By moving it, Eivor will come out into Lunden.

Third office in Essex

Between Lunden and Essex there is a sharp increase in power rating (in Essex it reaches 160). Therefore, you need to move carefully, not engaging in combat with random opponents.

The third office is at Camulodun near Essex. To find her, you have to go to Colchester. Where it is located can be seen in this screenshot.

When you get to Colchester, go southwest from the Alderman’s House, which is the main attraction of the town. When you reach the ruins of an old building, you will see a tall tree. Eivor must climb onto it, and then climb onto a wooden platform that is fixed to the top of the trunk.

Carefully cross the plank to the dilapidated wall and break open the hatch on the floor with the arrow. How to do it? Shoot the jar with flammable contents from the bow. You can find jugs in the settlement nearby. Most of them lie in the blue tent (shown in the screenshot).

What exactly needs to be done:

  • We take a jug with a flammable liquid.
  • We climb back onto the tree and go along the board to the wall.
  • We jump down.
  • We put a jug of fuel on the hatch.
  • We climb back onto the platform, so as not to be hurt by the explosion, and shoot from the bow into the jug.

After the explosion, a gap is formed in the ground. The main character must jump into the hole, where he will see another hatch. There will be several hatches in total, so stock up on fuel.

After destroying all the hatches, Eivor enters a long corridor. He needs to go forward until the first turn to the right. After that, he must jump onto the slightly rickety wall, run forward to the wooden structure and cross to the next platform.

Next, climb onto the scaffolding, jump down and turn left. Walking a little further, you will stumble upon the symbol of the Unseen. To the right of it is a flooded room. After entering it, a marker “Office of Camulodune” will appear on the map.

There are red herrings in the water that flooded the room. They need to be bypassed. So we swim across to the other side of the room and turn right near the locked door. Here you will see the banner of the Unseen again. Above it is an arch, which you need to climb. Eivor needs to climb up on its right side and get to the opposite ledge. There you will see a pen hanging from the ceiling. Grab onto it and jump into the room ahead.

The next room is also flooded. You need to find the key, which is located to the right of the place where the main character jumped. To take it, use Odin’s scope.

After taking the key, swim to the place where you jumped. Get out of the water and open the door to the left of the character. There will be a room behind the door. To the right of it is a grate that closes the passage to another room. To open the grate, use Odin’s scope and destroy the red beam with an arrow. If you spent all the arrows blowing up the jars, take them at the back of the room where you are now.

After destroying the beam, Eivor needs to climb the wall on the left. So he will get into the room where he climbed onto the arch over the banner of the Invisibles. Next, you need to jump in the opposite direction, go along the corridor and turn left to open the door that was blocked in the first flooded room. But first, take the Hood of the Invisibles from the chest (the third part of the set), the key and the page of the codex from the table.

Then break the blocked door, exit into the first flooded room and go to the right banner of the Unseen. Turning to face the broken door, dive into the water and swim to the abyss on the left. You will see a staircase that leads to a room with useful resources:

  • Opal.
  • Nickel ingot.
  • Titanium.

There is another staircase in the far corner of this room. She will lead the main character to the exit point from the office.

Fourth office in Jorvik

The next office is located in Jorvik in the northern part of the city map. The power rating for this area is 190, but it’s predominantly Danish, so you won’t have any problems unless you decide to attack yourself.

In the image below you can see the place where the office we need is located in Jorvik.

When you arrive at your destination, you will see a graveyard with a wooden panel in the middle. It can be broken by shooting it with a bow. After jumping into the formed hole, you will fall into a pool of water. Drop down a little and swim to the right through the doorways. Each of them will be lower than the previous one. Through three openings you will run into a wall. In this place, you need to swim to the surface and climb onto the ledge.

Having gone a little forward, the main character finds himself in a dark passage littered with pots that prevent him from passing. They need to be broken.

Next, Eivor will get to the place where there are 5 pillars. Jump up to the third pillar. On the sides of it will hang platforms that you can climb on. Then jump onto other pillars and platforms until you land on the floor of an empty room. There you will see two moving objects. By pulling on the largest one, the character will open a passage to another room, where again you have to jump on the platforms and ledges until he reaches the door on the left side.

After entering the door, move along the passage and at the end on the left you will find a hole in the wall. Enter it and turn right. As a result, you will exit into the main room of the office. But that’s not all. Use Odin’s scope to find the key at the top of the bookcase, take it and open the door, which is locked.

Go through the door into the next room of the Invisibles office and take the robe of the Invisibles and the codex pages from the chest (one on the table, the other in the corner of the room).

To exit the office, go to the main room and find a door to the left of the bookshelf. Enter it and move up the stairs to the next door that leads to Jorvik.

Fifth office in Gloucestershire

An office in Gloucestershire is a very difficult place to find. First, Eivor must go to the western border of the city map. The nominal power in this area is 220. Therefore, be as careful as possible and bypass such potentially dangerous areas as Denu Forest, the territory of which is densely planted with vegetation and is literally teeming with enemies.

If you are careful, you will easily make your way all the way to the office of the Unseen. In the screenshot below there is a mark – an arrow showing the location of the main character. It is in the place of this marker that the office is located.

When you reach the mark that indicates the location of Eivor on the map, you will notice a huge statue without arms. It can be seen from anywhere on the west side of Denu Forest using the Raven scope.

Behind the statue is a dilapidated temple, just between the armless statue and the statue of a girl with a bowl in her hand.

Next, you need to go through the main door of the temple and get to the door in the far left corner of the room. It is closed with a grate that cannot be opened. To get to the next room, destroy the pot next to the door and go through the gap in the wall.

At the end of the new room there is a passage to the left. Through it you will enter another room, which is filled with poisonous gas. To remove it, throw a torch. However, this must be done from a great distance, as the gas will ignite and can cause damage to the character.

After getting rid of the gas, go to the right rear corner and break the wooden hatch on the floor with a torch. When Eivor jumps into it, he will again fall into a room with poisonous gas. After running through the doorway, he will come across barrels of oil. With their help, you can break the wall in the northwest corner of the room. Go through the hole and pick up a rare tungsten ingot in the room (from the chest).

Next, return to the room where the barrels of oil lay. Take another barrel, go up the stairs, get rid of the poisonous gas with a torch and go to the next room. It will be very dark there. Despite this, the protagonist must get to the door on the left and break the wall with a barrel of oil, which can be found with Odin’s vision.

After passing through the gap, you will find yourself in the office room of the Invisibles. There is a chest with Legs of the Unseen and a codex page.

There is a short corridor on the left side of the room. If you break the barrier in it, then Eivor will come out to the exit from the temple.

Sixth office in Winchester

In order to access the last office of the Unseen, you need to get to Wessex. The power rating for this area is 250, so don’t get into fights with random opponents.

The place where the office is located is marked on this screenshot.

When you reach your destination, look around and find 4 pillars connected by a small wall. There are several statues next to them. For reference – the place is located near the Winchester garrison.

Once you find the right area, jump into the pool that is between the statues. There you will see a passage and a closed door. Then dive into the water. This time you need to swim for too long and choose the right turns, of which there are a lot. To avoid getting lost, follow this route:

  • After diving, swim to the first underwater door.
  • Then swim through another underwater door.
  • Then turn left.
  • Next turn right.

At the end, you will be able to resurface from the other side of the door where you fell down through the hole between the statues.

After leaving the water, find a moving object and pull it to open the door from the inside. Next, exit through the opened door to the place where you fell when you jumped between the statues. Barrels float there. Take one and bring it into the open door. Go first to the left, and then forward to the end of the hall. Turning left, the main character will stumble upon a hole in the floor. To the right of it there is a wall that can be destroyed with an explosive barrel.

After passing through the gap, you will find yourself in the office room of the Invisibles. In the chest, take the Claw of Suttingr and the codex page (it lies on the table in front of the skeleton).


After collecting all the pages of the codex and a full set of Unseen armor, you need to visit Highsem in Ravenstrop. He stands inside the office of the Unseen next to Gunnar’s forge. After Haisem receives all the pages, he will send the main character to talk with the nomad Reda (yes, this NPC was in Assassin’s Creed Origins). After the dialogue with Reda, find the last page of the Codex of the Unseen on the left side of his tent.

This concludes the Unseen quest series. You have received the desired armor and now you can do other things.

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