Astro Colony – Inventory Control for a Single Machine (Example)

An Example of Inventory Control for a Single Machine


If your tired of having hundreds of carbon in one generator, you can control this with the Inventory and Decider blocks (they are down the line in the tech tree).

The inventory block will return a count of how many items are in a selected machine.

You then join the inventory block to the Decider block.

The decider block, you can then state when its > or < items from the inventory block then toggle the selected item.

It only toggles!

So if you say < 100 and the linked block is on, then when it goes over 100, it will toggle it off. You do not change the value in the decider and say, on or off, when it meets your criteria.

I have them set up to turn off the pushers when my generators have 100 carbon in them so that the rest stay in the warehouse.


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