Astro Colony – How to Make Food for Astronauts

Guide to Make Food for Astronauts

All credit goes to Zeetank!

Make Your First Food

  • Build hydro generator, this will enable to build thrusters, and is also where you’ll later make food.
  • Build several thrusters in a single row. I built 6.
  • Press M, then find a planet. Not sure which has quartz, but a green one did.
  • Pin it so that you can see it outside of the map.
  • Position yourself with your back to the thrusters. Gauge the direction you need to turn, then adjust the thrusters by moving the circle in their settings. Make sure to always click the button “Apply to connected thrusters” to avoid fiddling with them individually. Repeat until you’re headed towards the pin.
  • Once you arrive close to the planet, set the thrusters’ power to zero. You may choose to dock.
  • Mine some rocks to get quarts, then feed it into the hydro generator to make Hydrotonic.
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