Back to the Dawn – Most Useful Skills Guide

Some of the most useful skills I’ve discovered so far.

Guide to Most Useful Skills


  • Energized: 3 SP
  • Acquisition: Sleep early for 3 days in a row. The game says ‘before 12:00’ but this is clearly false. I suspect it’s meant to say 22:00.
  • Effect: +1 to all stats as long as you ‘have no sleepiness’. This is a extremely easy criteria to fulfill.


  • A Magician In 7 Days: 3 SP
  • Acquisition: Read the book of the same name.
  • Effect: +1 to Dexterity (Notably, Stealing) checks and halves the time they take.
  • Iron Throne: 1 SP
  • Acquisition: Gain the ‘comfort’ status effect 5 times, acquired by using a toilet with high enough Digestion.
  • Effect: Gain 10 stamina whenever you use a toilet, and halve the time it takes. This adds up–10 stamina is equivalent to a half hour of rest. That means that if you use the toilet whenever you can, you save 25 minutes of rest each time. And if you just use the toilet when you need to, you save 35 minutes.


  • Cool Headed: 3 SP
  • Acquisition: After you get through a certain amount of the main story, you will receive a unwanted guest. Pick the calm responses. This will cost you some Mind. The outburst at the start of the scene does not count against this.
  • Effect: -1 to target number when you use Focus to reroll a failed roll.
  • DIY Maestro: 1 SP
  • Acquisition: Book.
  • Effect: +2 hidden storage compartments in your cupboard. More storage is always good.

Dishonorable Mention: Geek.

Acquired by crafting 10 times. I would only consider grabbing this if you also have Memory Palace, and only to toggle it on before doing something like reading for a while. Every stat point matters and -1 Charisma for +2 Intelligence is…bothersome.


  • Man Style: 2 SP
  • Acquisition: Book.
  • Effect: Allows you to craft Bandanas from 4 paint and 1 cloth. One swaps crit for dodge, the other does dodge for crit. More importantly, adds 1 Charisma to bandanas.
Written by grubber21


  1. Sakura tour : (2 chr sp) => allow you to regift if the gift is disliked (already good), requirement : play sakura tour on the personal console.

    Sakura tour upgraded : (2chr) => on top of previous gain, allow you to gift once per day… AND once per night (if you are a good stealer, you can befriend the jail in no time, it’s great).

    Tetriz upgraded (2 agi sp) => 2 max focus points and minus 20 to focus regen (effectively making them down to 30min each, so great).

    The core skill here being Pro gamer (the + version freeing 8 sp alone is also great to get) : requirement => befriend Robert (require finishing MK2 on pc)

  2. As the alternative to Cool Headed, if you take the refuse to calm down option when talking to Angelo you get this::

    Furious Counter – 1 SP – You can counter your opponent’s counterattacks when fighting.

  3. I would add :
    tiger combo (paired with red bandana you can one combo the last enemies, it’s kind of a late game build but really powerful) => befriend John

    Brawn over brains (+2 strenght for -1 int) => pass 8 strenght check

    Miracle of strength (+1 to all agility roll, so almost as good as +1 agi) => have 8 str through drugs or belt)

    The awakening of Chtulor (+2 to vs nightmare, and since they come randomly, they can appear really early, plus it’s a quest)

    Game of King 3 (+1 int) => grind the book

    Investment Guru (20% of interest on money per day? you should be in debt every day for the max amount, just because it’s a better scaling than the interest debt, and rank 2 it’s for xp) => friend Perry

    Corleone Family (50% of rep add up really quickly) : see the movie (first day)

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