Baldur’s Gate 3 – The Balthazar Boss Fight

How to Kill The Balthazar

I beat this with only one reload my first time.

First: I have Shadowheart as a Healer Cleric instead of a Trickery Cleric, because Trickery domain is GARBAGE.

Then: I also have the tiefling barbarian companion as a Gloomstalker Ranger/Assassin multiclass instead. When I reached this encounter I was also level 9 because I had done everything up to this point.

My only issue with the encounter has been that the big boys can just shove someone off the platform round 1 if you roll low on initiative.

Otherwise: You can outlast cloudkill with Healing domain’s channel divinity + Mass Healing Word. Your priority should be to get on Balthazar’s ass ASAP. If you are like me and you’re playing a Pact of the Blade Lockadin, you can misty step onto Balthazar’s face and smite him into last thursday. The rest of the mobs have fairly low HP, so they can be destroyed by Fireballs, or if you don’t need healing, Turn Undead.

Basically, just reroll if you die round 1, otherwise, literally ignore the mobs and kill balthazar, while having shadowheart heal you so you can burst him down.

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