Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Get Your Own Owlbear Cub

A guide on how to get your own owlbear cub.

Owlbear Cub Quick Guide

If you killed all the goblins then I believe that you cannot get the owlbear cub. The only way I have figured out how to get it is by:

  1. Kill it’s mother in the owlbear cave.
  2. Leave it alone to eat its mother.
  3. Leave the cave and end the day (long rest at your camp).
  4. Go to goblin camp and find the goblins playing “chicken chase” with the owlbear cub (on the west side).
  5. Talk to the goblin running the game and get through the dialogue but end with refusing to play the game because of cruelty.
  6. Talk to the owlbear cub (via speak with animals potion or other similar effect) and tell it to come with you. It will want to but be afraid of leaving the goblins.
  7. Talk to the goblin again, but this time there is an option to say you want to leave with the cub. Select this and intimidate/persuade/illithid tadpole your way to success.
  8. The cub will run away. Now you just have to do other stuff/wait for it to show up at your camp. It showed up at my camp after a few long rests.”
Written by Dr Nilsson

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