Bang-On Balls: Chronicles – How to Beat the Boss of the Roman Baths

How to Beat the Boss of the Roman Baths Free Add-on on the Vikings Map

If, like me, you’re experiencing difficulties to beat this boss, it might be because of a possible bug. I’m not sure about this, though. I might as well have missed something entirely. Anyway, this is to explain one way to beat that boss which worked for me.

But first, here’s what I suppose is meant to be done to beat him but that didn’t work for me:

In the large room with the boss taking a shower in the center, after having pushed the 4 buttons to remove all the water in the area, the boss will get angry (because water’s run out and he can’t take his shower anymore) and come down on the ground.

Then, he’ll do a sequence of attacks, as follows:

  • 1) First, he’ll heat up some of the metal grids of the floor (they glow red a bit before getting too hot). The goal is to avoid standing on a red grid to avoid being burned.
  • 2) Then, he will throw bubbles at the player. At this moment, the player has to attack the boss by dashing but, more preferably, by double-jumping over the boss’ head and landing hard on him multiple times to combo some damage. The bubbles can actually help to get enough height to achieve this. So it might not be always necessary to avoid them. They don’t hurt the player, anyway.
  • 3) Then, the boss will go into one of the two water basins on the sides to regain the health he has just lost due to the player’s attacks.

And then the cycle starts again.

What I suppose is to be done is this:

When the boss is regaining his health in the water basin, the player has to stand on one of the two buttons surrounding the basin the boss is occupying and, when the little ball comes to help, both the helping ball and the player have to press repeatedly on their respective buttons to heat up the basin so that the boss is being hurt and can’t get back to that basin. The idea being that, after the two basins have been heaten up, the boss can’t regain health anymore at all.

But this didn’t work for me, possibly because of a bug. Why? Because, while doing all that up to the point of standing on one of the two buttons, waiting for the helping ball to come down over the other button, it turned out that, invariably, when the little ball arrived and jumped on its button, it would only press it once, and then shake its head slightly in disapproval and go away, leaving me jumping and landing on my own button like a madman in vain.

This looks like a bug because the whole Roman Baths area is using that same principle to creat lifts and, each time, the little helping ball actually jumpsed repeatedly until necessary. Only for the boss battle would it only jump one and then leave, after shaking the head slightly.

That shaking might be a sign indicating I was missing some element of the solution, though. That’s why I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not.

But here’s what did work for me!

Acting like a madman. That’s it.

More explicitly, I found out that it was actually possible to heat up the water basin without the help of the helping ball. All that you need to do is press repeatedly the “jump” and “land” buttons of your pad (or keyboard) very quickly and long enough.

Don’t wait for the animations of jumping and landing to end before tapping the next key. And don’t double jump either. The idea is to be very fast. It might be useful to press each key/button with a different hand, to increase the rapidity of your tapping.

Also, try to deal the most amount of damage on the boss so that he spends more time regaining his health, leaving you more time to tap your keys like a madman. (I suspect my method is taking longer than the intended way – but if you’ve damaged the boss enough, there’ll be enough time for heating up the basin all by yourself)

Anyway, hope it helps someone to know that it’s possible to heat up the basins all by oneself.

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