EVERSPACE 2 – How to Make Fast Credits

How to make fast credits in Everspace 2.

Making Money

  • Step 1: Explore Ceto system and grind out for your first few credits with the goal of buying a t h i c c boy such as any heavy class ship to maximize cargo load (Gunship variants have the max cargo holds btw).
  • Step 2: Discover Union system and locate shops around the map, Prescott base is pretty poggers due to having multiple shops to buy fat amounts of cargo.
  • Step 3: Once you have discovered enough shops in Union, empty out your cargo hold and hit up every single shop in Union buying as much Earth wine, small arms, and liquor but prioritize earth wine as you will get the best profit margin (if you run out of cargo space just ship it back to home base with the HIVE upgrade if you even have it).
  • Step 4: Jump back to Ceto system, go to the Deep Fields and hit up Siren’s Call and sell all the loot you have gathered to lady Dutchess <3 (rip her bozo hubby).
  • Step 5: Stonks!

Depending on your cargo hold and whats within it, you can make around 60k to 100k credits in a single trip (~10 min trip or so).

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