Battle Grid – Beginners Tips

Tips to Basics

  • Increasing income is VERY important. Try to only use Zar that does not reduce your interest, e.g. if you have 27 Zar stop spending when you reach 20 Zar. If you can sell something in your inventory (not your grid) to reach the next interest point (e.g. 38 -> 40) do it.
  • Do not roll until you are comfortably rich like 100+ Zar.
  • You can play whatever the shop offers you. It does not matter if you lack synergies or direction early. If the shop offers something high tier, buy it and use it.
  • Use mercenary tracker and run to the mercenary locations asap.
  • Play 1 mercenary and sell the others. As mentioned before I prefer Omnibot but they’re all okay except the +HP one imo.
  • You have to balance between gaining exp and fighting nests. If you open a nest too early you will waste significant time running backwards from the big enemies instead of killing regular ones and grabbing the exp. Kills = Exp = Leveling up = Income = Interest.
  • Don’t get distracted trying to satisfy utility synergy traits like +slow or +regen (imo). It does not help your damage. I do like to get 2 lifesteal trait units for survivability.

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