Dead Frontier 2 – Stealth Looter Build Guide

A quick setup for stealth looter builds. A more passive setup meaning less fighting more looting.

Guide to Stealth Looter Build

Stealth Looting Overview

It is exactly as it sounds. Stealth looter is a build for maxing looting speed and inventory as well as sneaking while doing very little combat outside of taking out key zombies that can get in the way. Mostly child zombies and any zombies near a loot spot.


  • Extremely fast looting.
  • Really large inventory capacity pool to be able to loot an entire building.
  • Little to no zombie alerts even in comer and sons and palehaven city archieves.
  • Massive loot stockpiling for other characters.
  • Very low maintenance for said build.


  • Very slow leveling up.
  • Little to no boss battles only outside of supporting.
  • Small instances of infected battles outside of clearing key targets.
  • Glass cannon can easily be overwhelmed if not doing everything correctly.

Skill Selection

As usual for any character build you got 10 skills (lvl 50 lvl 5 max any skill) +2 extra at lvl 5 and lvl 10 prestiges. So what should you choose?

1-5 will be speed perks almost always for any build.

  1. Sprinter = makes running around easier.
  2. Jogg = makes walking faster.
  3. Stealth = makes sneaking faster and easier to be less detected.
  4. Looter = makes looting much faster and gives a small % chance to find better loot.
  5. Kick = gives a small boost to jogg and sprinter as well as massive kick buffs which will be important later on.

These will be your bread and butter for a while. They’ll help do missions faster and run from point A to point B as well as loot and push back zombies.

  1. Lockpick = makes lockpicking a small % chance to unlock a locked key door without needing a key. Also a small buff to loot quantity.
  2. Marksman = this will be your ultimate pick off skill for any ranged weapon. Useful later on.
  3. Survivor = While it may seem detrimental never get high on your own supply. In this case 1 jar of peanut butter and 1 OJ can last you much longer and that will be important in loot runs. Also to be able to sell food and drinks without needing to consume them.
  4. Trucker = while it’d be a very dumb ass move to choose this on literally any other character build outside of when open world started, here it is useful. Save on gas and inc. storage slots which will be important for storing any needed loot you wanna keep for later
  5. Mule = extra storage slots in your person self explanitory.

Prestige +5 11. Lead magnet = this gives you some extra inventory space but the important thing is it increases your ammo % find and yield find for ammo meaning you find more ammo units each time you find ammo.

Prestige +5 11. Apothecary = finally got the spelling right lol. Side notes aside this will be good for finding health items, giving a bit more potency for meds, and the actual use will be the extra inventory slots.

How to Level Up

Now you may think it’s all fun and games but the massive downside to stealth looter builds are the super duper slow xp build up. There are some ways to lvl up and by pass it a bit:

  • Main xp will be from missions / quests. Especially fetch quests will be extremely important as you can get in loot and get out relatively quickly. Plus extra inventory space means you can carry extra stuff to turn in i.e. meds and quest items like champagne or foi grass. Though the better way will be to just talk to all npcs and fetch all items. Then wait to get back to the outpost and turn them in with ingesting and putting on any xp buffs / exp gear.
  • PZs can yield some xp if done in groups.
  • Same for boss fights. You can be the doorstop and help clear any zombies using stealth to clear a boss room with minimal effort for your hunting buddies.
  • Solo best to avoid boss fights and PZs with few exceptions. Mostly being lower level pzs and boss fights you can win at least 10-20 levels lower
  • BOOKS! believe it or not looting much faster and equipping certain items for % find book chance can yield very high amount of books/magazines/newspapers/any papers. They take up literally no space in your backpack which is a huge HUGE bonus. This means you can hoarde them until you turn in any quests / missions.
  • Outpost attacks can be done but best to do dalbow only or stick to haverbrook at higher levels and maybe avoid greywood entirely.

Stealth: Your Bread

Stealth will be your bread for stealth looter build. Stealth means several things:

  1. Crouching = default key ctrl or press c to enable toggle to not have to hold down the ctrl key and toggle c to stand up again. Crouching yields better sneak benefits. The downside being you cannot fire a gun or use a weapon in stealth mode. Also speed is a factor as you go slower without sneak speed stats.
  2. Footstep noise = this can be reduced by sneaking or with -%footstep noise reduction items. It is imperative to note that firing a weapon or sprinting will immediately nullify footstep silencing items
  3. Visibility = 2 types: sneak visibility and visibility (normal). Sneak visibility is visibility when sneaking. This is when crouching and crouching default is easier to hide from zombies than standing up. Regular visibility is how far you need to be for zombies to see you standing up normally. The higher the % visibility on both the closer you can get to zombies without them noticing you. Coupled with footstep noise you can get closer and closer and not alert any nearby zombies
  4. Sneak speed = how fast you sneak when crouching. Sneak speed doesn’t affect footstep noise nor visibility. Having higher sneak speed is important if you wanna get through a room faster without alerting zombies safely by crouching.
  5. Noise reduction = a stat on both weapons (not melee default silent) and both hands and headwear. Having a higher noise reduction means you can fire a gun or use a chainsaw without alerting the hoarde within a certain distance. Outside not really good vs indoors where it’s important. You can increase noise reduction on weapons with gun silencers muzzles and on chainsaws with chainsaw mufflers.
  6. Surprise damage = a damage stat on any damage from any damage source be it gun, melee, chainsaw, or kicking. Having a high stealth with some surprise damage can inc. Damage on 1st hit before alerting the zombie attacking. But also not alerting the rest. Once any zombie is alerted surprise damage is nullified. Which is why it’s not so important after the 1st hit landed.
  7. Range takedowns = probably the best way to stealth is silent takedowns. Via guns with silencers and %noise reduction items. Also stealth take downs with melee to incap zombies at least so they’ll stay down unless noise is made or you keep hitting them.

Looting: and Your Butter


Looting has some factors to determine your loot run:

  1. Loot speed = self explanatory! Having high loot speed means you loot faster and have less danger the less time you spend in an area. This is especially true on boss fights where once they drop you need to loot fast before the endless influx of zombies overwhelm you
  2. Inventory capacity = inventory capacity increases your slots on your person. The higher % inventory capacity the more items you can take with you. You can also inc. It via gold membership which costs money but increases all your character’s inventory capacity by 50%
  3. Lockpick chance = the % chance you can unlock a locked key requiring door. Having capped at 50% i believe you really do not need any lockpick items once you max lockpicking. I could be wrong though hard to keep track of when they move the max %’s on skills.
  4. % chance = % chance means % chance of finding whatever item you have on. From clothing to guns meds upgrades etc. It can also affect rarity from superior to uniques.

Weapons of Choice

Below is a tier list of best weapons to use vs worst weapons for stealth looting. Again though it should be only used for either self defense or picking off key targets in the way:

  1. Melee = honestly THE best. No ammo or fuel requirements and are free stats on the go. They are also 100% silent meaning you can hit a zombie and not alert any zombies depending on how high your stealth stats are. Also 1 hit is usually all it takes to kill a downed zombie or down an unsuspecting zombie.
  2. Rifles = the 2nd best weapon to use. In terms of range they’re super useful for picking off key targets. They’re also super accurate meaning you can aim and headshot zombies easily.
  3. Assault Rifles = the 3rd best weapon to use. Like rifles but they are a bit less powerful. But they can keep the same accuracy and range. Usually with some damage stats 1-3 is all it takes. They also use the same ammo pool of rifle rounds as rifles.
  4. Pistols = Neutral weapon. They’re not very strong but 200 round capacity means you can do a lot with 1 stack and decent damage stats. Useful incase a few zombies try to rush you.
  5. Shotguns = 3rd worst weapon to use but still useful incase zombies get too close. 1 slug to the brain is enough to end most zombies. Though loud a silencer can lower noise. Having 40 slugs isn’t really a downside when 1-2 is enough to kill most zombies especially 10 gauge.
  6. Smgs = 2nd worst weapon to use for looting stealthily. They are low damage and require stats to be useful. Best situation is when rushed by several zombies which shouldn’t happen with a decent silence build. Still with a silencer can gun down zombies but the downside is they can require a lot of pistol ammo which can take up space in inventory.
  7. Chainsaws = The worst weapon to use! Honestly requiring to get super close to zombies and being very loud default without chainsaw mufflers and high %noise reduction makes them less optimal. Also they’re very low value in damage and rely more on dps. Plus they need fuel which takes up room for items in loot runs.

Buildings to Loot and Loot Pool

Buildings can vary based on what type of loot you find there.

  1. PDs = police departments are best for looting ammo as they default have a higher % ammo find chance
  2. Hospitals and med centers or psych wards = have a better chance to spawn medical items.
  3. Mechanic or factories = have a higher chance to spawn fuel and car parts.
  4. Food diners and restaurants = have a higher chance to spawn food and drinks

These 4 will usually have higher % chance of finding loot based on the themes. Everything else not on the list will be miscellaneous including outdoors.

Outdoors = 1-2 loot spots usually per every building block. They can have more but once you loot 1 and the other nearby disappears means they shared the same loot pool.

Standalone households or homes = those high on brick singular standing out houses. They usually contain 1 locked room 3 floors and sometimes 1 boss room. Decent for quick loots

Apartments = usually the ones found behind single door food places or the red brick buildings with 2 doors on each side. The apartments have many many rooms and hallways but it can be easy to get lost in due to having many doors that lead to hallways that lead to doors/hallways that lead to more hallways or doors.

Hotels = apartments but lobbies are usually bigger instead of longer as are the rooms at times. A little more organized

Standalone cabins = outskirts or undeveloped areas between cities. Like the standalone houses / households they have 3 floors with 1 locked room and sometimes a boss room.

Mansions / Manors = those tall castle looking structures the large dark splotches on a map. Yup that’s them. They are imo the better of all of them due to being big and an upgraded version of cabins / standalone houses / households. Though a risk is they can have more mutant bosses spawn in rooms and in the hallways. Aside from that they tend to have anywhere from 3-5 locked rooms which are perfect for looting.

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