Beastie Bay DX – Achievement Guide

A streamlined guide to unlocking achievements for Kairosoft’s Beastie Bay DX.

Survival Life Day 1

  • Proof of completing your first expedition.
  • Simply complete your first expedition; a mission including combat with beasties.

We Are Survivors

  • Proof of survival for many years.
  • This is where the game calculates your clear points. This occurs at the end of year 5, but you can keep playing after you are scored.

Thanks To You, Everyone Survives!

  • Proof of rescuing all residents.
  • Residents are people that decide to move to your island after you help them. In total, there are 13 residents, but I unlocked this achievement after rescuing 12 (I had not found James Duggin).
  • Tips: I highly recommend consulting the Resources section below for the locations of each resident if you cannot find them naturally. Several of the residents are found in the repeatable dungeons on different islands.

Elucidation Of The Mystery Of Enigma Isle

  • Proof of cultivating an enigma isle.
  • Clear the areas on Enigma Isle.
  • Tips: Enigma Island opens after completing all areas in Chilly Isle and Volcanic Isle. Areas on the island range in level from 24 to 28. Although there is a secret area behind a tree in one of the dungeons, it is not required to earn the achivevement.

It’s Me, A Tourism Ambassador

  • Proof that Kairobot came to visit for sightseeing.
  • After unlocking the fourth population investment in Enigma Island, Kairobot will begin to visit your island.
  • Tips: Investment requires that the island be fully uncovered with each area cleared at least once. It will cost several thousand gold to reach level 4 in population of Enigma Isle so it’s good to have several shops for visitors to spend money.

Let’s Collect, A Beast Island

  • Proof of 50 beasts collected.
  • Capturing and collecting beasties is a core part of the game and you’ll likely constantly work toward this achievement. However, your home island can only house so many beasties. You’ll need beat all the areas of your island to be able to house 50 beasties.
  • Tips: The final area is called Legendary Pass and is level 38. After clearing it, your ally limit will increase and you can unlock this achievement. Always carry several different types of bait so you can be sure to capture beasties during expeditions.
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