Garten of Banban 2 – How to Do Puzzles

This is how you will do puzzles.

Puzzle Tips and Walkthrough


  • Puzzle One (The Desks): Hit button infront area look at the “Punch Chart” based on order of numbers (lowest to highest) and where they are is how you will hit them.
  • Puzzles Two (Fiddles): Find a injection needle and get colors from all fiddles then use bob (drone) to hit the big fiddles eye and collect his.
  • Puzzle Three (Stinger Flynn): Find 8 seashells to get a keycard and do the cannons first is front 2nd is back 3rd is below.
  • Last Puzzle (Chase): Run make sure you dont get cornered so (1) go left (2) go left (3) go right interact with button wait at the door and win.




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