Behind The Screen – 100% Achievements Guide

Complete guide on how to get all achievements in Behind The Screen 螢幕判官.


For your first playthough I suggest to play normal and focus on the story. All achievements except 3 are missable. To get all achievements you will have to replay certain chapters a few times.


Chapter 1 Finished

Chapter 2 Finished

The Truth?
Chapter 3 Finished


Butt itch?
You won’t die unless you seek death

In the beggining of Chapter 1.4 after the first teacher encounter go south towards him.

Alice’s rabbit hole
Accept Rabbit’s invitation

In Chapter 1.4 visit 2 secret rooms as shown in screenshots.

Keep your butt safe
Hiding from teachers

Complete Chapter 1.4 without being caught.

I’m not tasty
Without hitting by any obstacle during Spider Chasing

Complete Chapter 1.5 without hitting any obstacles.

Peer Love
Every Jack has his Jill

Burier of love
Blessing from Cupid

To get one of these achievements in Chapter 2.2 you have to shoot an arrow with the Cupid statue. An arrow can be found in the umbrella stand above it. Depending on which way the eagle girl faces when you shoot, you get one of two achievements.

Shennong tasted hundreds of herbs
Without being caught by any thug

Complete Chapter 2.2 without being caught.

You’re the bully one
Beat all thugs with no dying experience

In Chapter 2.2 beat every thug you meet (except 4 in front of the fountain) without dying.

Friends is power, and the power is mine
Beat the boss with maximum supporters

The power of loner
Beat the boss with minimum supporters

For one of these achievements you have to beat the thug boss in Chapter 2.4 with minimum or maximum supporters. The minimum supporters is 3 (initially 2 and +1 after a fighting tutorial), maximum is 10.

To get all 10, you have to shoot the eagle girl with Cupid when she faces thug in love for +2 and then get +5 in the square by talking with everyone. For minimum supporters simply don’t shoot with Cupid and don’t talk with anyone in the square.

Catching up with old friend
Beat the boss without any damage

King of words and speeches
Beat middle school’s Gao Yun Sheng without any damage

Beat the boss and middle school’s Gao Yun Sheng without any damage and with minimum supporters

To get all these achievement you have to beat the thug boss in Chapter 2.4 and Gao Yun Sheng in Chapter 2.5 with minimum supporters and no damage.

The thug boss is by far the hardest boss in the game and it will take time for you to learn his attack patterns. In case you got damage simply wait for a fight to finish and start over.

Curiosity costs blood
Beat Secret Rabbit

In Chapter 3.3 go to the room shown in the screenshot, then go to the secret area to the right, fight the bunny and win.

I’m not the boy I used to be
Beat adult Gao Yun Sheng without any damage

In Chapter 3.4 beat adult Gao Yun Sheng without taking any damage.

Father’s shade
Beat father without any damage

In Chapter 3.5 beat the father without taking any damage.

Truth seeker
Found every notes and known the truth

Notes Locations

Promise kept

  • Chapter 1.1, the diary page, obtained at the begging of the game
  • Chapter 2.1, investigate the newspaper in the hallway
  • Chapter 3.1, investigate the newspaper on the table

Stll burns

  • Chapter 1.1, investigate the newspaper on the small table after leaving the room
  • Chapter 3.1, when outside investigate the lighter in bushes in the top right corner of the map
  • Chapter 3.3, investigate old newspaper clippings on the shelf in the room with 3 rabbits

Mindless help

  • Chapter 2.2, investigate the clipboard with report on the table between two thugs
  • Chapter 2.2, investigate the discipline results page above the Cupid statue
  • Chapter 2.3, investigate the notebook near NPC on the right side of the map

False honor

  • Chapter 2.2, investigate the child statue
  • Chapter 2.3, investigate the yellow flower on the left side of the map
  • Chapter 2.4, investigate the yellow sign on the ground

Lawless punishment

  • Chapter 2.2, investigate the blue notebook to the left of Cupid status next to bushes
  • Chapter 2.2, investigate the teacher’s log records
  • Chapter 2.3, investigate the doctor’s prescription in the upper side of the map

Might is right

  • Chapter 2.1, investigate the old newspaper next to the toilet
  • Chapter 2.3, investigate the music score under the flagpole
  • Chapter 3.1, when outside investigate movie posters next to the dumpster in the bottom right corner of the map

A dead rabbit

  • Chapter 1.1, investigate rabbits
  • Chapter 2.3, investigate the yellow wreath
  • Chapter 3.3, investigate the secret chatting book on the shelf to the left of the window

Blood of curiosity

  • Chapter 1.4, investigate sun glasses in one of secret areas
  • Chapter 1.3, investigate the doll under the sleeping boy at the bottom of the map
  • Chapter 1.4, investigate the handkerchief in one of secet areas
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