Bellwright – Money Making Guide for Early Game

How to Get Rich Quick in the Early Game

Useful tips to all those wanting to make a lot of gold early on in the game (i.e. before liberating any villages).

General Concept

We’re going to abuse the Travel post instant teleport mechanic to to generate ~300-500 gold every day by trading with NPC’s outside of villages. This will require a bit of scouting and setting up some initial infrastructure, but when everything is set up the payoff is worth it.

Step 1: Progress through the game to the point when you can make Trading Posts. This is crucial for the entire operation since we will be teleporting around the map all the time to actually make our trades.

Step 2: Set up initial infrastructure. Our base will need:

  • A Travel Post
  • A Weaver Table
  • A Farm (+ a water collector and a compost pile will speed up efficiency)
  • Some stockpiles to store all wares, preferably close to our travel post
  • Some villagers to harvest and craft

Step 3: Explore and find some NPC traders outside of villages. I’ve marked some on the screenshot, I’m sure there are some missing. Whenever you find one, smack down a Travel Post next to the closest road. I have found 3 types so far:

  • Herbalist
  • Craftsman
  • Fisherman

Step 4: Remember all those Flax (F) Seeds that you got while building the base and threw away? Too bad, go pick up some more flax and get at least 10 of those bad boys. Go to the nearest Herbalist(s) and get some Garlic (G) Seeds, 10-15 will do. Plant all seeds on your farm, I prefer the 10F-15G split. I also prefer to set all Farm priorities to 0 and sow manually to maintain the desired amounts of resources.

Step 5: Set your weaver to maintain (top-up) ~50 Simple Cords.

Profit Step: Stock up on Garlic and Simple Cord and teleport around selling your wares. Fishermen and Craftsmen buy Simple Cord, Herbalists buy Garlic. It only takes me a couple of minutes now to do full “trading run” through 10 traders, and end up with 300-500 gold, depending on how much they buy and how much Simple Cord I have in stock and how much Garlic Herbalists are willing to buy.

Step 7: Rinse and repeat at will because NPC trading options reset every day.


Have your storage next to your base’s Travel Post to speed up restocking time.

Final Notes:

  • Remember to resow your Garlic from time to time so you don’t run out!
  • Fishermen also buy Smoked Meats, if you have an excess of those, for a hefty additional chunk of profit.
  • Village Trader in Hearndean buys Feathers for a good price, Village Trader in Bradford buys Boar Tusks and Wolf Fangs (if you have excess renown and need gold more). Your Travel Posts are much further away from them compared to NPC’s outside of villages, so daily trading with them is not as efficient time-wise.
  • I’ve found that a good way to spend gold are Straps (when you need them for research and CBA to deal with bandits), and Skill books (Haerndean, Padtsow) for yourself and your villagers.
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