Fabledom – Gameplay Tips and Tricks (with Setups)

Helpful Tips for New Players

Don’t forget to keep a good balance of buildings and population for a nice source of income!

  • Population = More Gold!

Check buildings that require (gold upkeep) and make sure you dont spend too much all at once. be patient!

If there are plenty of food and your fablings are starving, try clicking to see where they are first, they could be stuck or they might be taking a path that seems longer than you expected. After following some fablings it seems they mostly eat at their home. Building few granaries near a set of homes will help the fablings stock the food from the granaries into their homes a bit faster it seems. Also if you do not need the extra desirability on your homestead, build 2x attachments with homegrown. (Provides extra food in the homes daily so it is something extra for your fablings when they go home to eat).

Please dont forget the housing add-on can actually provide ‘homegrown’ which can help with hunger when they fablings stop by their homes (there are homegrown and desirability attachments)

Please dont forget the housing add-on can actually provide ‘homegrown’ which can help with hunger when they fablings stop by their homes (there are homegrown and desirability attachments)please dont forget the housing add-on can actually provide ‘homegrown’ which can help with hunger when they fablings stop by their homes (there are homegrown and desirability attachments).

Building Tip

You can use Edit Mode to plan out an entire town design before purchasing all the Homesteads.

Extra Gold Trick

If you dont mind micromanagement, turn off buildings like stonemines, stockpiles & granaries right before payday for some extra gold, then turn them on right after for minimal downtime.

General Tips

  • Shops are handy for extra mini storages for your commoners to pull food from. Also handy if you put a bakery right next to the flour shop it makes the bakery pretty productive.
  • Don’t forget Bob’s free buff for faster tree regrowth! Simply take your hero (Fergus) and right click Bob after you unlock the territory which Bob is in. And if you befriend Bob, he will grant you the buff.
  • You can save space on your starting tile by placing your lumber camp on the edge or your initial territory. Fablings care not for silly concepts like borders and will cut wood in territory you don’t own to save you space when it’s limited early on.
  • You can drag your map around with left click!
  • Make sure your fablings live close to their job, so they won’t die on their way back home to get food.

The most important tricks for high income seems to be:

  • Keep the population short before an upgrade – stop to take newcomers for a while.
  • Like when you have 148 pop (small city) you will have quite some income through your commoners.
  • After the step to 150 pop (big city), the family thing will jump up and income drops down severely.
  • On the other hand, above 150 pop, you get 3 newcomers every time they come (condition: 70% happiness).
  • This will bring you up to 198 pop fast.

Tip to reduce the upkeep costs:

  • Pace urself a bit with accepting visitors. Set a solid foundation first.
  • Most likely you have too many production places and amenities you don’t actually need.
  • Check your finance panel.

Useful Setups

Good Wood / Coal Setup

Find a place with MANY tree’s, place stockpiles inside circle on each corner. Add lumber jacks, add 2 stockpiles for coal storage only.

Field Setup

This field design ensures your workers are no more than 2 tiles away from the hub for delivery at any point. Simple but effective. 29 plots.

Coal Farm Setup

This is one of my coal farms:

2x sawmills should be more than plenty for population of 500+.

Gameplay FAQ

Are the bakeries worth it?

Bakeries give happiness. But they’re strictly worse than inns when considering their size if the happiness is all you care about.

The only real reasons to get bread are:

  • It can be made in winter if you have flour.
  • That one damn quest that requires it.

I got the event Explorer and cannot find where I’m suppose to send my hero

There are some ruins scattered around the map, glowing with a yellow light, that’s where you have to send your hero, but that’s only possible if you have bought that certain piece of land.

How to increase the level of happiness of the population?

We have a separate guide for this, you can read it here.

How to buy more land?

When reaching milestones and growing in general you can expand your lands. Each ‘land purchase’ costs 100 for the first one 200 for the second one and so forth.

Should inns be placed near workplaces or houses?

If they live far away they will be less efficient. The game doesn’t automatically choose the closest worker YET. Max is working on that though. Inns and bakeries give the area desirability so they should be near houses if you want the benefits.

How to reduce stock in a certain stockpile?

It’s a nightmare right now but it’s possible. You have to uncheck everything like you have so nothing new gets taken to that stockpile. Then the only way things seem to be pulled from stockpiles or granaries is if they are flagged for a job or a HoH. Other stockpiles won’t empty them. Because of this the easiest way to empty them is to put the production buildings for those resources right beside the stockpile temporarily so they get used up and moved somewhere else in a different form.

How does eating really work?

Fablings eat at home, so if they work super far away from their home they could starve by the time they get home to eat. In the future they won’t generate hunger while pathing home to eat, but regardless you want Fablings living as close to worksite as possible for efficiency.

How to get commoners?

In the bar where you get the option for peasants or commoners you have to click on the + and set it at 2 to get the commoners.

What would be the best way to group the homesteads with the wells?

The best way would be a minor exploit, but otherwise I can think of many ways to integrate your service buildings into residential blocks. Wells are pretty cheap to maintain so if you have to place an extra one here or there to cover a homestead it’s typically not a big deal.

If you want peak efficiency you need to fit as many homesteads within the service area of as many service buildings as possible. Because the service buildings tend to have pretty small service radii and you have to place homesteads 2×2 minimum this gets a bit messy and I just do the best I can covering all the homesteads with at least a well, an inn, and a theater. Again having to place some non-efficient wells or inns here and there is not a huge deal because when you unlock commoners you start to produce a pretty healthy tax income.

Why are fablings starve?

The most common reasons fablings starve is if they get stuck on something or if they live way too far from their workplace. You can check for both of these issues using the overview menu. Once they start starving a chain can happen because when a Head of Household dies (the Fabling that fetches food for the house) it typically doesn’t auto reassign so the other fablings in the house won’t be able to eat until one gets appointed.

Check if your homes are filled with food, don’t build your farm/granary too far from homes, and check the overview to make sure a fabling isn’t stuck.

Also make sure your fablings at least 1 homegrown item in their yard (apple tree, beehive, etc). They won’t need to travel for as much food as fablings without a homegrown item would.

How much population farms/bakeries/other food producing buildings feed?

Farms feed more peasants because most the time the peasant homestead housing has at least one food producing amenity which produces one food a day. I’ve had one farm feed approximately 50 peasant houses but it only feed about half of that common or wise. It all depends on how close the peasants are to the farm because time spent walking equals time not creating food.

Currently each farm. The ideal tile for the farm crops is 25 to 30 squares. I always do 25. The developers have said in the future they’re going to optimize it and fix it so that 40 squares are actually viable. As right now creating a farm with 40 squares is not.

How to make nobility in this game?

The primary method is the missions that appear periodically and ask you to do things like prepare x bread by this date for a nobility reward.

How to throw a feast?

The feast icon should be next to your gold at the top like this its the little party popper with the yellow bar.

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