Beth the Exhibitionist – How to Unlock All Content

A guide for unlocking all content in the game.

Guide to Unlock All Content

About This Guide

Hi thank you for spending the time to play this game and read this guide. Here you will learn how to unlock everything in the Gallery including the Cut Content so that you can get the full experience of this game.

Beth Gallery

What the game says:

  • Finish Beth the Exhibitionist

What to do:

  • This should be the easiest to do. Just play through the game and get the true ending.

Miku Gallery

What the game say:

  • Have XXX with Miku

What this means:

  • Complete Miku’s Strip game and choose the option Kiss me

Monica Gallery

What the game says:

  • Complete the epilogue

What to do:

  • As the game says, just go through the game and complete going through the epilogue.

Tenma Gallery

What the game says:

  • Get Tenma to reveal her name

What to do:

  • After completing Miku’s strip game and doing stuff with Miku you will be visited by Tenma.

Choose the option:

  • Click your fingers

Cut Content 1

What the game says:

  • Be seen by 200 or more people in Beth the Exhibitionist

What to do:

  • This should be fairly easy to obtain and you can play through the game normally and make and mistake that you want and will unlock this gallery.

Cut Content 2

What the game says:

  • Be seen by less than 200 people in Beth the Exhibitionist

What to do:

  • Now this is a bit more tricky and actually requires a specific path for the game. Also keep in mind that you will not achieve zero people seeing you. The number you will actually end up with is somewhere around 57 people.

Note: if you mess up at all during this guide, you can always hit the “Back” button to redo your choices.

Choice 1:

  • Agree to play Beth’s game (yes)

Choice 2:

  • Hide from the hotel staff behind the cabinet (Hide behind the cabinet)

Choice 3:

  • Choose the 2nd elevator (2)

Choice 4:

  • Once in the streets choose to leave the streets (Leave busy area)

Choice 5:

  • You have now angered Monica and have the choice to steal her clothes! Sadly the choice here is to (Return her clothes)

Choice 6:

  • In this choice you have two options and both are equally fine (Send Miku to find some clothes) or (Miku should keep stripping).

Choice 7:

  • Last choice of the game. Do you trust Beth or no (Trust Beth’s Judgement)?

Cut Content 3

What the game says:

  • Win Miku’s Strip Trivia Night

What to do:

  • Now there are two different ways to cheese this:
  1. Look up all the answers online.
  2. Use the “Back” button to redo a choice until you eventually get 4 out of 5 answers correct.

You will not know for sure if you got a choice right or not until you answer all of the questions, so this may take a little bit.

The second method works really well and doesn’t take nearly as much effort as choice 1.

Note: If you quick save and quick load the questions may not stay the same.

Cut Content 4

What the game says:

  • See Tenma NXXXd

What to do:

  • After beating Miku’s Strip game and doing something with Miku, you will be transported to Tenma. Choose the option Click your fingers and you will unlock this.

Tenma’s Adventure

What the game says:

  • Unlock all Cut Content

What to do:

  • If you’ve followed this guide you should have unlocked everything! Congratulations! You will now get to play the second game hidden within this game!
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