BitBuddy – All Promo Codes List

Daniel Mullins, the developer of Inscryption and The Hex, created BitBuddy for Ludum Dare. If you’re unfamiliar with Ludum Dare, it’s a game-making competition in which developers compete to build games in two or three days based on a theme. These are usually short, interesting ideas that have been evolved into full-fledged games on occasion. BitBuddy is one of these modest inventions in which you are tasked with caring for a one-of-a-kind Buddy. However, if you exit the game, the Buddy will perish.

BitBuddy Active and Working Codes

The most recent working BitBuddy codes are shown here. These can be exchanged for a range of goodies, including new characters and upgrades for existing ones!

BitBuddy Valid Codes

You can use promo codes to adjust the meals, add stuff, or simply initiate interactions to hopefully keep your Buddy happy throughout their potentially brief existence.

  • Hour Skip – Use the code to receive advance time forward.
  • HatBuddy – Use the code to receive a Party Hat.
  • Holiday – Use the code to sends your Buddy on a Boating Holiday.
  • SwordBuddy – Use the code to receive RPG Benefits.
  • BagelBuddy – Use the code to receive feed your Buddy Bagels.
  • BurgerBuddy – Use the code to receive feed your Buddy Burgers.
  • Lionel.exe – Use the code to receive plays a Broken Audio File.
  • Ponies – Use the code to receive plays a Success Sound.

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