BLACKJACK and WAIFUS – Easy One Million Achievement

How to get the One million Achievement the easy way.

About This Guide

With the 4 new achievements added to the game we received one that is the hardest above all. This is the “One Million” achievement.

So if you’d like to know the easy way on how to get this achievement, follow this guide!

How to Get the Achievement

Note: It is recommended that you set your Steam status to ‘Invisible’ so that you don’t annoy all your friends with Steam notifications every minute.

Step One:

Start a new survival mode game and bet everything you have.

Step Two:

If you lose press alt+f4 to quit out of the game.

However you must quit out of the game BEFORE it says you have lost and the losing music plays, or else you will lose all your winnings.

Step Three:

Keep betting everything you have and repeating step 2 until you are able to get that one million achievement.

The trickiest part about this is exiting the game when you realized that you have lost. It is recommended that you still try and go for the highest score possible so that you have the best odds of winning. This may take a good number of alt+f4 due to this being a bit tricky.

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