Cosmonious High – How to Unlock Secret Fluids

In this guide you will be shown how to unlock the two secret fluids in Cosmonious High.

Guide to Unlock Secret Fluids

Secret Fluid 1

In order to unlock the secret fluid 1 you will have to pour these fluids in order, Heliumium, Metallium and 2don, after pouring these all in, Turn on the heat on the alchemizer and start stirring.

Secret Fluid 2

To unlock the secret fluid 2, youll have to follow these steps, turn off the heater, pour stickium use the freezing power to freeze stickium, pour bouncium, (don’t freeze bouncium using your power), and pour coffeen (freeze coffeen with your freezing power) and after doing that, start stirring until the stirring meter has reached.

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