Blood West – How to Get All Enemy Story Notes

Hello! In this guide I will show you how to get all the enemy story notes, there are a total of 8 so far (or at least these I could find).

All Enemy Note Locations


This first note is found as soon as we get the ax and kill the first two undeads.

This second one is in one of the abandoned wagons of the derailed train, as soon as we left the first safe area.

The third one is just before reaching the rail, we head to the right near the cliff.

The fourth is in the second safe area, near the bed.

The fifth is in the cave near the first safe area, we enter and go to the right, it is on top of a barrel.

The sixth is in the second house next to the entrance of the minewhere we get the cursed golden nugget.

The seventh is just below the church, in the room where we get the cursed chalice on one of the shelves on the left on the floor below.

The eighth is found in the structure in the middle of the fort, the first one seen entering any of its main entrances.

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