Boo Men – Boo Men Guide

A tutorial for the Boo Men.

Guide to Boo Men


Edith can be easily beaten by just outrunning her and by breaking her line of sight as she has poor hearing but excellent sight.

Edith can also be baited while she is staring at you by turning the lights off it will cancel her stare and she will start to chase you which is when you can then turn the light back on completely canceling her stare.

Although she can turn the lights off I’ve found that if you look away when she is standing still staring at you then she will not turn the lights off.

Pro Tip

Sometimes you will be able to run right past her if she is standing completely still as she is actually in a state of staring mode but just be sure that she hasn’t been staring for a while as she might leave the state and kill you.

In my personal experience I’ve found that when there is a power outage on the Two condo map she will be standing near the power box and I’ve just walked up to it and turned it on while she stood still the entire time.

The Scav

There is only one real way by beating The Scav and that is to crouch walk everywhere you go as the Scav is entirely blind but has excellent hearing.

The Scav is also quicker then the other Boo men and you will not be able to outrun the Scav unlike Edith and Ghost Girl (Exception for Ghost Girl in a power outage as she becomes quicker.).

Pro Tip

When in the dark make sure to stay out of the way as The Scav can still run into you and kill you even if you’re undetected.

Ghost Girl

The Ghost girl can be easily outrun while the power is on but during a power outage you’ll have to keep out of her sight and get the power back on as quick as possible as she has both hearing and sight while also being quicker than you during a power outage.

Make sure you are looking down more as she crawls on the ground and that might catch you off guard.

Pro Tip

Looping her around objects such as chair and tables can provide you valuable time to escape to another part of the house if you’re corners in a house.

Ghost girl can be located entirely off of sound as she is extremely loud when crying and moving around the house.

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