Boodunnit – Troubleshooting Guide

This game has a few bugs and secrets. This guide will make sure you can complete the game in full and unlock all of the things!

Guide to Troubleshooting

Unlocking Achievements

There are two secret achievements that can’t be unlocked in the current game. If you hop on over to the guide about Solving a Crime and a cop speaking with the man in the air vent, then you will need to plug in a link to your game files. Once you have done so, restart your computer, and run the game. As the ghost, go the town, and take over the body of the cop and walk over to the vent and speak with the man in the vent. This will unlock part 1. Part 2 of Solving the Crime will be unlocked once you finish the game and go to heaven.

Rat Jumping!

In order to find one of the final pieces of evidence you will need to be a rat. As a rat, you will need to hop over various types of pipes in the cemetery. You will notice that the first rat you come across jumps very differently than the rat inside of the pit that has the pipes. In order to get to the other side, you have to use the rat that is in the pit. The rat in the pit jumps much faster and longer distances, making jumping on the pipes extremely easy. Once you have hopped to the other side you will find the final piece of evidence (cake!).

Climbing as a Rat Achievement

One of the achievements involves climbing as a rat on one of the statutes in the cemetery. In order to unlock this achievement you will physically have to crawl on the face of the statute. Not just on top of the head; I have no idea why, but it is the only way to unlock the achievement.

Pigeons & Evidence

Another guide has alluded to this, but in order to find two pieces of evidence, you will need to use a rat to climb to the top of one of the buildings. Once you get to the top, you must turn into a pigeon. You will then jump from the back side of the building, turning right to the air vent grate that is on the road towards the back right corner of multiple buildings. Then you will try to go to the second vent that is on the back of a building that was next to the building you jumped off of. This will get you really high. From here you will be able to access the highest point (try climbing on roofs first) in order to jump across the street to A.) The building that has a fence and a police officer on top (evidence here) & B.) The Building that has a patio on top of it with a cake (evidence here) –You will need to levitate some boxes to get on top of the patio but fairly simple.

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