Borderlands GOTY – FOV Change Guide

This is a step by step guide to change the FOV in Borderlands GOTY.

Guide to Change FOV

Step by Step Guide for FOV

  1. Go to borderlands properties on your Steam.
  2. Go to local files.
  3. Then go to browse local files.
  4. Then go to engine.
  5. Then config.
  6. Then baseinput.
  7. Then go to genral bindings where it says F9 bind.
  8. And then paste this:
    Bindings=(Name=”F9″,Command=”FOV 95″,Control=False,Shift=False,alt=False)
  9. Change the bind for the (FOV) to whatever you want where it says “F9”.
  10. Change the (FOV) to whatever you want where it says “FOV 95”.

Note: You will have to press your (FOV) bind key again after you get out of a Vehicle in Game because it resets it.

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