Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator – Herbal Contract + Bonus Recipe

Recipe to complete Herbal Contract (included bonus).


The only requirements for this job are those very strict flavors, and this will help us, since we don’t have to care about ABV, SRM, Carb, etc.

I used a very simple recipe, with no flavouring hops.

  1. 21 L into Brew Container
  2. 2 Kg Malt Extract (no flavors)
  3. Boil to 100°C
  4. Add Marauder Hops 5g for 50 min (probably this can be avoided too, but I went for it anyway)
  5. Remove hops
  6. Add just 1g of Yerba Mate
  7. Keep cooking for abot 2-3 min. Use x-ray to look at flavors, just stop when hebal reach 0.35-0.40
  8. Cool it at 21°C (do it as fast as possible, so flavors stop raising)
  9. Add 25g Bavarian White Ale I and 25g of Corn Sugar
  10. Ferment for about 10 days. In this stage only Banana and Clover flavors will raise. To be sure to not exceed 1, ferment it for 5 days, check the banana flavor and then ferment it again for 3-4 days.
  11. Proceed as usual with conditionig, 21 days are ok.

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